LST radiators for infant school and nursery refurbishment

An infant school and nursery in Haverfordwest – Ysgol Waldo Williams – have recently re-opened after a major refurbishment that has seen amongst other things – a new safe heating system.

The school has had fifty-five of leading radiator manufacturer Stelrad’s low surface temperature – LST – radiators installed and ten Compact with Style radiators imaginatively installed at ceiling level. Low surface temperature radiators are ideal for a school environment, providing adequate heat whilst having an insulative, flat panel casing on its exterior, allowing for piping flexibility, with the benefit of being reversible if you do so desire. Along with the benefits of accessibility and overall safety the Stelrad LST radiators are made to last, which is why this product comes with a 5-year warranty on its casing, and a 10-year warranty on the heat emitter itself. The Stelrad LST Standard Radiator is available in twenty-five different size options.

Stelrad LST Standard Radiators have the benefit of being able to maintain a relatively low surface temperature, meaning they are much safer than many other radiator models that retain a hotter exterior when they are in use. The beauty of a LST Standard Radiator from Stelrad is that the risk of getting burnt is dramatically reduced when contact is made with them, compared to other models. These radiators casings will never have a surface temperature of more than 43°C, meaning a child that falls against the radiator – or goes to sleep leaning on one – will come to no harm.

The Stelrad LST Standard Radiator is the number one choice for safety, making them ideal for environments such as nurseries, schools, children’s playrooms and anywhere where a vulnerable or young person might be ever-present. All Stelrad LST Standard Radiators align with NHS guidance for ‘safe hot water and surface temperature’ and are finished with antibacterial paint for extra protection when contact is made with them.

“Were delighted that Pembrokeshire County Council specified our LST range of radiators for this school refurbishment project,” said Stelrad’s Neil Jarman, Specification Manger for the South West and South Wales. “It’s another project where the use of these radiators will ensure the safety and comfort of pupils from nursery age up to age eleven. The addition of the interesting mounting of the Compact with Style radiators above head height, ensures safety in every area of the school.”

To find out more about Stelrad’s popular radiators go to You can call for information on 0800 876 6813 or email [email protected]. Alternatively, you can also see regular updates from Stelrad on Twitter @Stelrad and Facebook @StelradRadiators.

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