Stelrad LST radiators keep young pupils warm….safely

There’s a heating system replacement project just completed in Luton that has seen Stelrad Radiators sector leading low surface temperature radiators installed to provide safe heating for the youngsters who attend Ramridge School in the town.

Phase 2 of this project, saw 32 radiators – 27 Stelrad LST i Plus Deco radiators and 5 Compact design radiators – installed in corridors and classrooms across the school. The heating system is driven by three gas fired boilers in the school’s plantroom. These LST i Plus Deco radiators feature Stelrad’s new easy clean feature. Pressing the ring clip between the grille, allows the user to remove the fascia, making access to the heat emitter inside easy for cleaning purposes.

Phase 1 saw the installation of the distribution pipework in 2018, this phase of the project saw replacement of the heating flow and return, the emitters and the domestic hot and cold water services. Phase 3 will see the final part of the school heating system completed in 2020.

The radiators were installed by TSG Building Services, which has built a reputation since 1961 for successfully completing contracts in schools, for housing associations and local authorities. The radiators were specified by Stephen Henry, Assistant Mechanical Engineer, Luton Borough Council, the LST’s being perfect for the school which is occupied by young children, who might be prone to burns from normal heating appliances.

The LST i Plus Deco radiators offer the school maintenance team and the teachers at the school the opportunity to set the TRV’s at a comfortable temperature before replacing the TRV with the anti-tamper cap to prevent pupils from altering the temperature without permission.  In addition, the radiators offer peace of mind to the school authorities as their design ensures no sharp edges or corners on the casings so pupils cannot harm themselves if they come into contact with the radiators, whilst mitigating the possibility of scalding.

From an installation perspective, the ease of installation was key. Installers appreciate the benefit of the simple removal of the front cover of the casing on Stelrad LST radiators to gain access to the emitter, via a simple spring clip arrangement instead of fiddley screws, and if replacement of the emitter is ever needed in the future, you replace the emitter with a standard Stelrad radiator, without the need to replace the complete unit.

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