Stelrad LSTs provide safe heat for Hertfordshire school

Stelrad’s LST range of safety radiators has increasingly been specified for school projects up and down the country, to provide the safe heat that public buildings of all types demand. The latest school to install them as part of a refurbishment project is Fearnhill School in Letchworth Garden City, on the Hertfordshire border. The refurbishment project has been undertaken under the watchful eye of Stuart Elwick from Hertfordshire County Council and the team from contractors Team Q Maintenance – Project Manager Gregg Pratt and Estimator Mike Dore. Stelrad’s Specification Manager for the region, Chris Bowles was responsible for organising the supply of the radiators for the project via Pipe Centre in Luton.

Fearnhill School is a mixed school set in a leafy part of the county and has over 500 students from the immediate area, including a thriving Sixth Form. As part of the heating system upgrade, it was clear that selecting radiators from Stelrad’s safety range of Low Surface Temperature radiators made huge sense and in all, 265 radiators were ordered to share heat in classrooms, corridors and common areas.

Low Surface Temperature radiators are designed to be installed in environments where safety concerns are paramount. It is common to see LST radiators in hospitals, nurseries, schools, retirement homes and care homes. LST radiators by design, are easy to keep clean and reduce potential injuries due to rounded corners and smooth finishes.

“This is another excellent school project and we’re delighted to have our radiators selected for it,” says Stelrad Specification Manager for the region, Chris Bowles. “Our LST range meets the NHS Guidance for ‘safe hot water and surface temperature’ making sure that everyone who is likely to come into contact with them will remain safe. The casings around the radiators are aesthetically pleasing, ensuring that the radiators cannot be tampered with and they provide the radiators with a robust protection that is pretty much as pupil-proof as you can get!”

“Working with Stelrad on the supply of these LST radiators has been very straightforward,” says Team Q Maintenance’s Gregg Pratt. “Delivery via our merchant in Luton has been excellent with radiators being delivered as and when we needed them, to allow us to progress the project smoothly from ‘day 1’ without having the whole supply on site, getting in the way of things. It’s been a model for how a project should unfold.”

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