How To Style An En-Suite

Renovating your home is exciting, especially when it comes to your en-suite. Whether or not you have had your own en-suite next to your bedroom, they provide the opportunity to get creative with your home’s décor and style. With the New Year fast approaching, now could be the perfect time to update your en-suite accessories or colour scheme to introduce a breath of fresh air to the room. With that in mind, we’re taking a closer look at the most popular ways homeowners style their en-suites and what bathroom radiators are out there to tie it all in.

Upgrade Your En-Suite Accessories

If you are wanting to re-style your en-suite on a budget, the good news is you don’t have to spend a lot of money on paint, new tiles and flooring. If you already have relatively neutral bathroom décor, you could consider upgrading what’s already there such as your soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, bath mat and towels. These small yet basic changes can make a world of difference and, if the budget is there, you could also consider updating your bathroom mirror, lights and wall art to transform the room into your own safe haven. 

Towel Radiators

En-suites are often the smallest of bathrooms in the home, offering convenience but little space when it comes to creating a space that feels homely and welcoming. A bathroom towel radiator or a mini towel radiator is an excellent way to make the most of the available space you have whilst providing the opportunity to dry your towels, especially during the winter when the damp after a shower or bath sticks around for longer. Attached to your wall, you don’t have to worry about taking up more precious room space, providing even greater scope to work with. 

Top tip: When buying designer towel radiators or any new small ensuite radiator for your home, it’s important to ensure it’s fit for the size of the room you want to install it in. By measuring your bathroom correctly, you can ensure that your new radiator perfectly heats the room with both speed and precision, making it worth the cost.

Create Further Texture

If you are after that luxury bathroom look and feel, add texture wherever you can. We don’t necessarily mean adding texture to your en-suite through your selection of towels, but by carefully selecting accessories that stand out against your current interior. Wood is just one texture that’s highly appealing to homeowners currently, providing greater warmth to a room. It stands out and goes with almost any existing bathroom design too, making it an easy choice for those who don’t want to think too long about redesigning their space.

Install Sliding Doors

Nothing says luxury quite like a sliding door, so why not replace your en-suites standard door with one that easily slides from left to right to open from a top rail. Not only does a sliding door offer the opportunity to save space when working with what’s already likely to be a small area, but the chance to create your en-suite bathroom of dreams by installing both a bath or shower or further cabinets to store all your favourite products in. 

Add Greenery

More and more often we’re experiencing homeowners select more natural looking accessories for their bathroom, consisting of earthy tones and greenery. There are many plants that thrive in a bathroom environment, making the most of the moisture and warmth available and reducing the risk of mould. Bathroom plants can also help to purify the air and remove bacteria, not to mention the spa-like environment they create which is ideal for those who want to make small changes to their en-suite before committing to a complete renovation. 

Consider A Corner Sink

En-suites can be one of the most difficult rooms in the home to work with so, if you’re lacking space, consider installing a corner sink to create more space for the things you do want in your bathroom. Corner sinks work perfectly in limited spaces, helping the room appear to be bigger than it actually is. With many shapes and sizes available, you can pick a corner sink that suits the existing look and feel of your en-suite or something entirely unique to add a further dimension to the room. If you’re really limited on space, you could even consider a toilet sink combination unit whereby the basic sits above your toilet that’s both practical and efficient in terms of space and cost.

Renovating your bathroom en-suite doesn’t have to cost hundreds of pounds and instead can be updated easily by replacing items you already have, giving the room an entirely new outlook. With a wide range of ensuite radiator such as an ensuite bathroom radiator or ensuite towel radiator available to quickly and easily shop online, you can make sure your renovated en-suite provides the warmth and comfort you need whilst uniquely saving space to make more room for elements of your bathroom you can’t control.