Stelrad is still No.1 in the radiator marketplace and acknowledged as such in the heating industry.

With its impressive history – it’s Stelrad’s 80th birthday this year – the company has a huge number of historical firsts and things of which to be proud and it’s worth dwelling on some of these.

Whilst the Stelrad team prefers to dwell on what is going to happen in the future – in its next eighty years – its significant successes in its first eight decades, explain why the Stelrad name is well respected and why well over two million radiators a year head out to the merchants to be installed by their customers in the widest range of projects imaginable.  From brand new homes, to residential refurbishment and replacement heating projects, to new commercial developments and an increasing number of up market projects that require radiators to keep residents, workers and visitors warm.

The first ever panel radiators that Steel Radiators Limited produced were manufactured in Southall in West London in 1936 – called ‘the Standard’ – made with the help of Swedish company AGA. And Stelrad has set the standards for radiator quality ever since.

In 1960, Steel Radiators Limited bought a ten-acre site in Dalbeattie in Scotland and from 1961 the steel radiators were pressed in Southall and then trucked to Scotland for assembly. That year the Standard radiator is replaced by the Stelrad ‘Super Panel’ and in 1962 we see the Nuvello Compact appear in advertisements for the first time.

In 1971 the company changed its name to Stelrad Group. Several changes in ownership and status took place before the 1990’s emerged and the Accord radiator was replaced by the Stelrad Elite. In 1994, Stelrad House was built in Mexborough and the first LST – low surface temperature – radiators were introduced to the Stelrad range. Names of products that still exist today begin to arrive in the nineties – the STR towel rail was launched in 1995 and the Planar and the Savanna ranges were launched in 1998. And all production moved to Mexborough in 1999 with the closure of the Dalbeattie site.

In 2000 the Stelrad Compact was launched to replace the Accord Compact and in 2001 the Compact with Style made its appearance for the first time. In 2003 the National Distribution Centre (NDC) at Mexborough in South Yorkshire was officially opened and in 2006 the Stelrad Concord was launched, quickly followed in 2007 by the Softline.

This brings us nearly up to date – with the K3 launched within the Compact range in 2011 and the Radical making its first appearance in 2012. Vita Series was launched in 2014 and Aqua Series in 2015.

Stelrad has recently launched a new marketing campaign to remind the heating sector across the UK and Ireland that it is indeed the ‘number one’ in radiators for a number of reasons that together, back its claim to be the leading manufacturer in the UK.

These include the fact that Stelrad offers the widest range of radiator styles and sizes in the UK and Ireland. The Stelrad Compact is still the UK’s best-selling radiator, and Stelrad is consistently the number one choice for plumbers and heating installers.

Other nuggets of information that make Stelrad stand out are the fact that we lead the market in LST radiators. Stelrad offer energy saving radiators that can save up to 10.5% of homeowners heating bills – the popular and award winning Radical radiator. Stelrad offers the best range of colours available for those who opt for coloured radiators to brighten their lives – and Stelrad was the first company to offer a fifteen-year warranty on all its flat fronted radiators.

Stelrad has always been a leader. But not just leaders – innovators too. And the company is telling the UK and Ireland just that and why it is the manufacturer of the best options available in the heating industry.

Eighty years ago no one would have imagined Stelrad or anyone else selling coloured radiators. No one could have envisaged LSTs. Radicals would have been a step too far and the innovative new shapes and designs for the Stelrad Aqua Series would have been as unlikely as seeing a man stand on the moon. But the strength of the Stelrad business, the ideas of so many people over the years, the technical ability of even more, has brought Stelrad to where it is today.

The leading radiator manufacturer in the UK.  Contributing to seeing more than two million radiators of different designs, sizes, colours making their way out of the factory every year and into the merchants and then into people’s homes across the UK and Ireland. The company feels hugely privileged to see its products accepted in so many homes and projects every year.

Stelrad’s looking forward eagerly to another eighty years of profitable and innovative success. Join the hundreds of thousands of installers and specifiers across the UK who turn to Stelrad regularly to provide the heat they need to share in peoples’ homes and businesses. Join the no.1 radiator manufacturer in the heating sector. Rely on the quality they provide. The availability they offer. The huge range of good looking radiators available from their portfolio from traditional column radiators, through steel panel radiators, to designer and decorative radiators – and to those radiators designed for special purposes, such as the low surface temperature range which again leads the way across the UK and Ireland.

Share the pride that Stelrad and its team feels every time a radiator leaves the factory and heads for the merchant branches across the country. Be part of the No.1 team. It’s that simple.

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