New additions to UK’s leading low surface temperature radiator range

Low surface temperature radiators are increasingly being specified for buildings used by vulnerable people – in the main, either the young or the elderly – where safe heat is required. The leading supplier of LST radiators in the UK is Stelrad and the company has recently released two new additions to its already extensive range by adding an LST Standard Deco and LST i Plus Deco design – both featuring its popular Deco horizontal lined  fascia to make the casings for the radiators more aesthetically pleasing.

The low surface temperature radiator – LST – offers an important and safe form of heat and is popular in both domestic use – in particular in nursing and care homes, in sheltered housing and general needs housing where younger or older tenants live, and a wide range of commercial properties, in particular in the education and healthcare marketplaces. LSTs offer a degree of safety from radiators that are ‘safe to touch’ for people of all ages and for those who may be vulnerable. These comply with the strict requirements of the NHS Guidance Note for ‘Safe hot water and surface temperature’ and can be installed in commercial and public buildings running heating systems with total public safety assured. The surface temperature of these LSTs will never exceed 43°C.

LST’s come with a casing that surrounds the radiator allowing the heat to convect in the normal way, whilst ensuring that the casing at no time exceeds 43 degrees C. With Stelrad LST radiators, the casing covers the radiator but also the incoming pipework making sure all the heated surfaces are concealed and that any exposed surfaces stay at a safe temperature. They also come with tamper proof casings so that the safety of the radiator cannot be compromised.

“LSTs are the safe solution in hospitals, care and nursing homes, doctors and dentists’ surgeries as well as universities, colleges, schools and nurseries,” says Stelrad Head of Marketing Chris Harvey. “The addition of the Deco fascias is a response to demand from customers to have a designer look version of these popular but functional radiators and we were happy to respond to this. They are now in stock and can be delivered within 72 hours of order.”

Full details of the Stelrad Radiator range can be found at You can call for brochures and information on 0844 543 6200 or email Alternatively, you can also see regular updates from Stelrad on Twitter @Stelrad and Facebook @StelradRadiators.

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