A Guide to The Best Column Radiators

Column radiators offer the best of both worlds when it comes to choosing your ideal radiator. They are expertly designed in a traditional style which can add incredible design features to your modern home and they provide optimal heating with their larger surface areas compared to standard radiators. Column radiators have been around and popular for hundreds of years and were designed in the Victorian era for style as well as performance. Nowadays, they are perfect for giving a stylish, vintage look to your home whether you have a traditional or modern aesthetic. Shopping for the right column radiator for you can be hard, so we’ve pulled together a guide to the best column radiators right here.

Cast Iron Column Radiators

For stylish updates to your home, add in cast iron column radiators that are available in over twenty different size options. Cast iron column radiators have incredible heating capabilities alongside their traditional, rustic aesthetic that leans into the industrial interior design trend that is rising in popularity. Choosing a cast iron column radiator means you have one of the best column radiators available to buy. These radiators are the perfect fit for any interior décor aesthetic whether you have a modern house with a traditional twist, a traditional house or an industrial aesthetic that requires authentic yet stylish accessories.

Stelrad’s cast iron column radiators are extremely versatile in terms of appearance and are available either as an ultra-sleek addition to your home or to achieve a Victorian aesthetic for period-style décor. Cast iron column radiators also come in a range of exciting colour options alongside the more traditional, muted tones allowing you to achieve the interior of your dreams. Don’t underestimate the power of cast iron column radiators to help you get your ideal aesthetic.

Cast iron column radiators have classic, clean lines with their column bodies and are designed elegantly to suit any home. They are just as efficient as any other radiator and come with 2 or 3 columns to ensure optimal heating for your space. Because of the larger surface area between each column, the result of air around each column being heated results in an overall more efficient heating solution.

Horizontal Column Radiators

For countless options of stylish radiators, choose from the huge range of horizontal column radiators available to buy. These radiators are best sellers at Stelrad due to their traditional aesthetic and incredible heating capabilities. Horizontal column radiators come in a range of different colours, sizes, and styles to match every interior and every room. These traditional style radiators will provide any space with an effective heating solution whilst providing authenticity to classic styling making them one of the best column radiators available.

Horizontal column radiators come in classic finishes like gloss white whilst also including several alternative colours to give your space a sleek and modern twist. Choose anthracite radiators for an on-trend option with exciting raw metal for a superb design feature in any room.

A horizontal radiator is a highly effective heating solution that fits perfectly into traditional-looking bathrooms, living rooms and hallways. The increased surface area between the columns allows them to heat quicker and more efficiently compared to standard panel radiators

Vertical Column Radiators

When you choose vertical column radiators, you get the power in your hands when it comes to choice. Our vertical column radiators come in a range of different size options with thirty-six different colours available from the classic Traffic White to other more daring colours like green, pastel orange, blue and many more. As part of our designer radiators range, vertical column radiators make a huge style statement in any home and can be integrated into almost all design aesthetics. For minimalist homes with high ceilings, our vertical column radiators make the ideal industrial style feature that can transform your home into something spectacular. For modern homes with narrow walls, vertical column radiators provide a great space-saving heating solution whilst adding an ultra-sleek fashion statement to upgrade your room.

Vertical radiators have a range of benefits associated with them. They are exceptionally attractive with great heating capabilities, and they allow you to install a high specification heating appliance without compromising on your space. This means they are great for those narrow walls in your home that you may not have utilised otherwise, and saves the width of your rooms for other furniture or decorative features.

At Stelrad, our vertical column radiators offer the same heat output as horizontal style radiators deeming them one of the best column radiators for most rooms. They are great looking radiators for any size room and can be easily fitted into bathrooms, living rooms or hallways. Column radiators are also a better option than panelled radiators due to the larger surface area within the columns which gives them superior heating capabilities.

Coloured Column Radiators

When choosing your ideal column radiators, you should take note of the different colourways radiators come with. The colour that you choose for your space has the power to completely transform the room. Coloured radiators are a must-have for every home or workplace as they can warm up the space, add a fashion-forward feature or create a fun environment to work or play in. Although white radiators are a classic and look great in every room, it’s sometimes the right choice to play with colour and bring a sense of complexity to your space.

Black or anthracite radiators are a sleek, super-modern option for most homes and look great in monochrome homes against either light or dark walls. They add a sense of sophistication to your home and can steer into the industrial aesthetic that is becoming increasingly popular.

Coloured column radiators give you the chance to add some eye-catching, show-stopping brightness to your room and colours like Ultra Marine Blue, Robin Red and Golden Yellow offer an upbeat style feature that will compliment funky wallpaper or other coloured furniture in your house. Other muted colours like Champagne, Pearl-Grey and Cream offer warm tones to rooms where relaxation is important such as living rooms and bedrooms.