Bathroom Trends Of 2023

With the New Year fast approaching, many homeowners are considering inexpensive ways to update their home for 2023. Your bathroom is one of the rooms in the home you spend a lot of time in, meaning that it’s look and feel can have a huge impact on how you get ready in the morning. Afterall, everyone deserves a bit of luxury, don’t they? From updating the colour pallet of your bathroom, to installing new towel radiators, there are plenty of things to consider. With that in mind, the team here at Stelrad are taking a closer look at the latest bathroom trends you won’t want to miss.

Light Tones Other Than White

Once upon a time, having an all-white bathroom was the dream. Now, homeowners are switching it up by introducing lighter tones into their bathrooms including taupe, creams, and warm wood tones to create an a more balanced space to relax in. If you previously fell into the all-white bathroom trend, there’s a couple of ways you can get on the latest bathroom trends hype. Switch out your old bathroom accessories such as towels, toothbrush holder, soap dispenser, and bathmat with something new for an easy, quick, and inexpensive way to refresh your bathroom.

Stelrad Classic Towel Rail - Chrome

Standout Lighting

Plain basic bathrooms are out, with more and more homeowners focusing on how they can make their bathroom appear more extravagant regardless of the size to reflect that of a hotel bathroom. Lighting is just one way you can improve your bathroom this year, introducing decorate lighting on the ceiling and walls to create a soothing ambience that adds to the atmosphere of the room. If you’re unsure what kind of lighting best suits your bathroom, have a look at inspiration online. There are several unique pendants and ornate lights to suit any bathroom style.

A bathroom with statement lighting around the bath

Mix & Match

Tiles are a huge bathroom trend right now and homeowners aren’t shy of putting two and two together to create something beautiful. If you’re bored of your bathrooms plain white walls, consider switching to tiles. Tiles are of course water resistant, making them a great addition to all your bathroom walls, not just within your shower. Combined with mix and matching your tiles, you can create a unique bathroom design that’s bound to get visitors asking you questions. If you’re feeling brave, you could consider mismatching two tile designs or instead fading out patterned tiles for a more lowkey look.

mismatched bathroom tiles

Embrace Nature

Over the last couple of years, nature has become hugely important within our homes, with the trend enhancing different elements around the bathroom too. Though darker tones are still used in the bathroom, light wood, greenery, and other organic features are more commonly being used, creating a space that enables us to bring the outside in. This goes in hand with integrating lighter tones into your bathroom, bringing your new aesthetic to life.

a bathroom design inspired by nature

Dusty Hues

Blue and green tones will also become more apparent in 2023, with more homeowners wanting to add a discreet splash of colour into their bathroom. Introducing these complimentary colours into your home offers greater opportunity to work with other tones such as grey and purple too, giving you more opportunity to branch out into a brand-new bathroom design. These colours also work perfectly with both gold and silver accents, offering the chance to really switch up your bathroom décor for the New Year.

Statement Bathrooms

We all want our bathrooms to reflect that of a hotel. We’re talking waterfall showers, luxurious a towel and