How Much Does a Radiator Cost?

To replace a radiator or buy a new one in your home, the costs can vary. However, when you buy your brand new, shiny radiators you might not think about all the extra costs that come into play. So, how much does a radiator cost when this is all considered? Here, we’ve pulled together a guide to help you work this out so that you can effectively plan ahead. Read on to find out how much is a new radiator to buy when you consider everything that is needed from installation to maintenance and more.

How Much Is a New Radiator?

Radiators are an essential appliance in your home to distribute heat evenly and keep you toasty and warm whilst also keeping towels and clothing dry. But sometimes, your radiators may need to be replaced or you may just want a new, modern upgrade. Costs to buy a new radiator will vary in size from smaller single panel radiators at around £60 to larger, more contemporary radiators at around £800+. This can also depend on where you are planning on fitting your radiator, whether you are replacing a radiator and if the radiator you are replacing is larger or smaller than the one you are taking out.

Updating your radiators to ultra-sleek vertical radiators, heated towel rail radiators, column radiators or even replacing them with new standard radiators can be a great design choice for your home as it updates your home’s aesthetic. Switching your radiator to a more contemporary style could even increase the price of your home due to the desired modern look that is growing in popularity. Most new home buyers are on the lookout for modern style features in houses that can boost its desirability on the market.

Additional Radiator Costs UK

When you have a new radiator fitted, you may want or need some extra work done that you will need to budget for. For example, the cost of a new boiler installation can be between £500 and £1500. You’ll also need to budget for boiler maintenance every year to check that everything is working as required. If you don’t keep on top of this maintenance, you could find yourself paying over the odds if something goes wrong later down the line.

Another additional radiator cost in the UK is having a new water tank fitted. A water tank can be a big item to install in a house and, in many cases, they are put into the loft before the house is finished as access is easier here. Some water tank fittings include a simple swap for the hot water cylinder but could also include a range of other services that include new pipes being fitted, external pipes installed and much more which would need to be carried out by a certified engineer. This could cost you anywhere between £150 and £1500 and is something you should keep in mind when buying radiators.

General maintenance including bleeding and power flushing is an additional radiator cost in the UK. Bleeding includes letting air out of the radiator to release the trapped air that prevents heat from circulating and can lead to cold spots which reduce the effectiveness of your appliance. This can cost you somewhere in the range of £75 to £150. However, you can carry out this task yourself to save money. Power flushing requires the help of a certified engineer to remove stubborn sludge and debris from inside your radiator and costs anywhere in the range of £12 to £20 per hour.

Fitting Radiator Costs UK

When you’ve purchased your new radiator, you’ll need to get this fitted in your home. To save on costs, you can fit this yourself with the help of some tools. If you’re not quite DIY-savvy, you can hire an engineer to fit this for you. Depending on your location, fitting radiator costs in the UK can vary, however, it’s likely between £30 and £70 per hour with a day rate of approximately £240 to £320. This will also be impacted on a case by case basis, such as replacing a radiator that is bigger or smaller than the previous, installing a new radiator in a brand new area of your house and much more.

It usually takes about 1 or 2 hours to install a new radiator in your home, however, this isn’t a direct science, and the variables above could cause this to change. Standard radiators that are horizontal are generally easier and quicker to install! So exactly how much is a new radiator?

Single Panel Radiator Costs

Single panel radiators are the most common type of radiator in the UK. They’re fitted onto a wall and faced outwards to heat up the room. They can cost anywhere between £40 to £1400 depending on whether you’re looking for standard or designer radiators.

Double Panel Radiator Costs

For more efficient heating in larger rooms, double panel radiators may be more suitable. They include two panels that are lined up against one another to increase heat output and are great for large rooms like living rooms, hallways, and big bedrooms. They are likely to cost you anywhere from £50 to £1400 depending on the style.

Vertical Radiator Costs

For a super-modern and sleek look in your home, vertical radiators are rising in popularity. They extend upwards along the wall and are a great style choice for your modern aesthetic. Vertical radiators can cost you anything between £50 and £1300 and come in a range of finishes and colours.

Towel Radiator Costs

Heated towel radiators are most popular for bathrooms as they efficiently heat the room whilst providing a place where you can hang and dry your towels after the shower and are there waiting for when you get out. A towel radiator can cost you anywhere from £50 to £1300 depending on the style, size, and colour that you choose.

Hopefully, once you have considered all the involved costs, you’ll have a clearer picture of what to expect when buying and maintaining your radiators. For more information or any further queries, please contact us.