How to Hang & Dress a Towel Rail Radiator

A towel rail radiator is a luxurious addition to your bathroom and there are so many designs to choose from whether you like the look of classic white towel radiators or want to upgrade to one of our designer models. Having a heated towel rail in your bathroom is essential for enjoying warm, dry towels every time you hop out of the shower and bath whilst also keeping your bathroom warm throughout the winter. Knowing how to dress and how to hang your towel radiator can seem confusing, so we’ve put together a step by step guide to help.

How to Dress a Towel Rail Radiator

First of all, you should lay your towel radiator flat and remove all the protective caps and bunks. Next, screw in the bleed valve and blanking cap on each side and tighten them into position using your spanner whilst being careful not to over tighten as this can cause damage. Flip the radiator over and carefully remove the rubber bunks on the other side. Use your PFTE tape to wrap the spigots on your radiator valves to help prevent leaks. Then, you should fully insert the spigots into your radiator and tighten them using a spanner.

How to Hang a Towel Rail Radiator

Before we discuss how to hang a towel radiator, you need to prepare your bathroom. If you’re simply replacing an existing towel radiator, then this is the easiest way to fit your new radiator. If this is the case, there’s no need to drain your system or take up your flooring and skirting boards. You can simply turn off your heating and isolate your old radiator by shutting off the valves on either side before removing them from the wall.

Your new towel radiator will be connected to the existing pipework, however, in some cases such as changing pipes or buying a wider fitting radiator, you’ll need to drain your system and make alterations to the pipework. This means that you’ll be able to choose from a wider range of radiators to replace your current one and the job won’t be too difficult to do with modern plumbing fittings. Before you begin, make sure you drain the system and remove your flooring and skirting as necessary to be able to get to your pipework.

Before we move on to how to hang a towel radiator, you need to take off your old radiator and the brackets and fill the fixing holes before you can put up your new radiator. Leave 20cm between the bottom rail and the floor and make sure the fixings are strong enough to hold the weight of the radiator once it’s filled with water.

You will need a range of tools to begin putting up your new towel rail including:


  • Adjustable spanner
  • Spirit level
  • Pipe and cable detector
  • Pencil
  • PTFE tape
  • Masking tape
  • Mini pipe cutter
  • Screwdriver
  • Towel radiator with brackets and fixings
  • 15mm copper or chrome-plated pipe
  • 2 x telescopic extending radiator tails
  • Compression elbow joint


Step 1 – Measuring

Measure the width of your new towel radiator to accurately identify the centre point. Then measure the distance from the collector to the middle of the brackets to make sure the component will sit right when installed. Next, measure the distance between both brackets and record the centre point on both the top and bottom sets. Then measure the distance from the bottom of the radiator to the centre of the bottom brackets and use your pencil to mark the centre point on the wall that the radiator will be fitted to. From here, you can work out where the ‘top bottom’ bracket will be situated and mark that with a pencil on the wall too.

After this, use the bracket measurements to measure where each of the bottom brackets will sit and use a spirit level to make sure the line is straight. Then measure the bottom bracket to the top bracket making sure it’s straight with the spirit level and then mark the holes for the top brackets on the wall.

Step 2 – Fixing to The Wall

Fix the brackets to the wall following your markings and make sure to use the spirit level to ensure it is straight. Double-check all your measurements to ensure the brackets will be placed correctly then carefully mount your towel radiator to the wall.

Insert the top brackets first as this will let you make any adjustments that might be required to the bottom brackets, and then screw in the retention screws that ensure your rail is securely on the wall. To finish, enlist the services of a qualified professional and enjoy your new towel radiator.


Now that you’ve completed our guide on how to put up a towel radiator, you can enjoy cosy and warm towels throughout all the seasons. A towel rail radiator can transform your bathroom and is a great space-saving option for most homes whether your new radiator will be fitted in your small downstairs toilet or the master bathroom. The options are limitless when it comes to towel radiators and our guides on how to dress and put up your towel rail radiator are here to help when and if you decide to switch.