Purchasing the Best Towel Radiator for Your Bathroom

When heated bathroom towel radiators first launched, it was considered something of a luxury.  However, in recent years this has become a staple in most modern bathrooms.  A heated towel rack provides a comfortable level of warmth in your bathroom.  It will also keep your lovely fluffy towels deliciously warm and dry. Adding a towel radiator or heated towel rail is the perfect way to bring an affordable touch of decadence to your bathroom.

Here’s a rundown of the main things you need to consider before investing in a heated towel radiator.

What Do You Need to Know About Your Heated Towel Radiator?

If you’re yet to jump on the heated towel radiator bandwagon and are feeling a little overwhelmed by the huge range of choices available, not to worry! This blog will guide you through your different options and will help you to find the perfect towel radiator for you!

Check out our handy list of things to consider below! It’s never been easier to find the ideal towel radiator or rail for your kitchen, en-suite or bathroom.

Towel Radiator & Heated Towel Rail Outputs

One of the most important things to consider when looking for your ideal towel radiator is the BTU or British Thermal Unit.  The higher the BTU output, the more effective your heated towel radiator will be.  The output you’ll need mainly depends on the size of the space you want to heat.  It will also depend on whether you’ll use your heated rail or radiator to heat and dry a lot of large and hefty towels.

Towel Radiator Sizes

The size of your new towel radiator should reflect the size of the room you are heating.  As mentioned above with the BTU rate, smaller bathrooms and en-suite rooms can be heated well with a smaller rail as this will provide sufficient heat.  A larger towel radiator with a higher BTU heat output will be necessary if you need to heat a more spacious bathroom.

Towel Radiator Finishes

If you’re looking to purchase a new heated towel rail or radiator as part of a bathroom refit, it’s important that you consider the overall look and style you want to create with your new bathroom space.  For more modern and minimal bathroom spaces a chrome finish would work perfectly.  This finish is particularly hard wearing, so you’ll definitely be getting a great deal if you choose a heated towel rail with this finish.

The Best Heated Towel Rail Storage

It’s important to consider how much use your new heated towel rail will have to contend with.  If it’s for a busy family bathroom, you’ll likely need a large towel radiator rather than a rail.  You will also need a heated radiator with a large number of bars to provide adequate storage for the many towels you’ll get through every week.

For smaller bathrooms, you may be able to get away with a more compact option.  Some newer options come with additional features.  These include useful storage shelf space or accessories that will improve the usability of your towel rail.

Did any of these top tips help you choose your new heated towel radiator?  Let us know in the comments below.