Radiators… adding a bit of class

The humble radiator is not so humble any more. Far from being simply an emitter of heat, the radiator has developed over the past decade into very much a part of the decor. New build developers are specifying radiators more creatively, with their customers’ expectations having been raised by the options seen on make-over programmes. The standard steel panel radiators are sometimes seen as not necessarily what today’s new homes need. Underfloor heating (UFH) is being used slightly more often on the ground floor of new build properties, but radiators are still the option of choice for the majority of developers throughout their new homes and still on upper floors in those where UFH is seen as a viable option.

Modern multi panel, multi fin radiators are better by design than their historic counterparts providing more heat from the same radiator footprint. They use better quality steel and the water channels in the radiators have been designed to use less water but to maximise the amount of heat they emit. New technology, such as serial feed radiator technology sees the front panel heat up first and the second panel only heat up when its needed, makes it a contributor to an energy efficient heating system. This is of huge interest to housebuilders and developers who are constantly on the look out for ways of delivering ever more energy efficient homes.

With new design radiators, it’s absolutely possible to link aesthetic appeal with functional performance. This trend started when people began to realise they could have good looking towel warmer radiators in the bathroom – why not have good looking radiators all around the home? Designer radiators began to appear and now, whilst the majority of radiators incorporated in new build homes are traditional steel panel radiators – albeit – sleeker, slimmer, better looking steel panel radiators – increasingly, developers are using designer radiators for master bedrooms, in kitchens and living rooms to differentiate their homes from their competitors. With the arrival of designer radiators and vertical radiators which have a smaller radiator footprint in the room, radiators are becoming a real focal point of the décor.

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