The Best Designer Radiators for Your Living Room

The recent meteoric rise of designer radiators has meant that the days of installing a standard radiator model are not at an end.  Nowadays, the sheer diversity and variety of radiator models is staggering!  In the past, home heating was about practicality and functionality, but now designer radiators will also consider the overall aesthetic look of a radiator as well.

Designer radiators are available in all shapes and sizes and offer an excellent modern twist on a household necessity.  So, let’s take a look at some of the best designer radiator options that can help to provide the finishing touch to any home improvement project.

Choosing a Designer Radiator Model

We must stress that you should not choose a radiator model based on looks alone!  It is vital that your designer radiator can still kick out the much-needed heat to help make a living room warm and cosy.  With this in mind, make sure to take the time to consider what type of radiator model is perfect for your front room.

Using a BTU calculator can often be a great place to start.  This will help you determine the energy output your radiator will need it generate.  Taking the time to look at multiple options can help ensure you find the most energy-efficient model.

Matching Designer Radiators to Your Home Décor

One of the first things you need to consider when purchasing a brand-new radiator is your existing home décor.  Any new designer radiator should match your existing décor.  Also, the radiator should help carry the decorating themes you have already chosen.  Unless you are planning a complete home refurbishment, you should think of your new radiator as an extension of your current design efforts.  This way, the radiator will work as a great finishing touch to any room.

Vertical Radiators vs Horizontal Radiators

If you are looking to install a minimalist radiator, vertical radiators offer the perfect solution.  This modern radiator option is the perfect way to create a stylish and sleek looking radiator feature.  Also, it will cause minimal disruption to your furniture or fittings.

If you prefer to maintain a more traditional aesthetic, a horizontal radiator will likely fit in with your home décor.  Plus, newer horizontal models are finally catching up to their trendier vertical counterparts.