The Importance of Energy Efficient Radiators in Care Homes

With increasing financial pressures, operators of care homes are now struggling to juggle the safety, health and well-being of their residents. The importance of using energy efficient radiators in care homes cannot be ignored. Installing an energy efficient heating system will help improve residents’ health and overall standard of living, all the while cutting costs and saving money.
Nowadays, one of the most prominent concerns is heating. As care homes are a 24/7 operation, the energy they use can often be one of the greatest expenditures. It’s not all doom and gloom though, as there are a number of new heating options available. These newer energy efficient heating systems can help improve residents’ living environment whilst freeing up much-needed financial resources.

Using Energy Efficient Heaters to Meet the Challenges of Rising Care Home Costs

A new report by Age UK estimates that there are over 400,000 elderly and disabled people living in nursing and residential homes. Over the next few years, this figure is set to rise significantly. This rise will also coincide with soaring energy costs. Some energy experts are predicting energy bills could double over the next decade.
In order to meet these new challenges, care homes are now looking to see how they can cut costs without compromising on the overall quality of care they offer. Many believe the answer lies in switching to more energy efficient heating systems.

Using Energy Efficient Heaters to Future-Proof Care Homes

With The Carbon Trust estimating that just 1°C of overheating can increase your fuel costs by as much as 8%, it’s now more important than ever to ensure you are using energy efficient heaters. Care homes have intense heating demands, which is why they can benefit so greatly from implementing renewable heating systems.
If care home operators choose to invest in renewable energy technologies now, they will be protecting the long-term welfare of the building and its residents. New technologies include things like installing a biomass boiler, a solar thermal system, or even ground and air source heat pumps.
The large upfront costs of every efficient heating systems can be off-putting to care homes. However, the majority of renewable heating systems are surprisingly affordable. Also, the upfront cost of installing a renewable heating system can be offset by a number of funding initiatives. Plus, care home operators can save substantial energy costs down the line, so it is definitely worth installing.

Low Energy Solutions for Care Homes

Increasing energy costs in care homes is a serious issue, but installing energy efficient heating systems could help resolve this problem.
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