Why Are Vertical Radiators Popular?

Over the last decade or so, there has been a huge rise in the demand for vertical radiators. Vertical radiators can add individuality to a room and there is now so much choice with a wide range of brands now offering them and in many different types of materials. The vertical radiator can be extremely diverse in its design and aesthetic look and they come along with many benefits also. Here, we are taking you through why you should consider choosing a vertical radiator.

Save Space

One of the main reasons why so many people are not opting for vertical radiators over horizontal radiators is that they can save you space on your walls. A vertical radiator will stand up tall and thin, therefore taking up less surface area. This means you have extra space to hang whatever you please on your walls or you may even have extra space to fit in that larger sofa that you really want.

Not Blocked by Furniture

As we briefly mentioned before, when you opt for vertical radiators, this can save you lots of space in your room, so you can have the furniture that you want. All too often radiators, particularly in living rooms, are blocked by couches and furniture but when you have a thin radiator such as a vertical one you will get a far better BTU output as the head it not absorbed by other objects sitting in front of it.

Have Better Heat Output

Many people tend to think that a vertical radiator will not be as effective in its heat output as a horizontal radiator, however, this is not the case. A vertical radiator works in exactly the same way, however, you will tend to find that some of the heat rises faster because of its height. Just like a horizontal radiator though, this heat will naturally spread across the room.

Vertical Radiators in Your Kitchen

Most homeowners will probably already know the struggle of attempting to heat the kitchen. As this is normally quite a large space, it can definitely be difficult to heat and as there are so many other utilities to think about, heating is normally the last thing to be considered. The kitchen also tends to fluctuate often in how warm it is, which is usually down to whether or not the oven is on and how many people are in your kitchen. This is why vertical radiators have become extremely popular in kitchens as they can heat up fast and won’t take up lots of room!