Stelrad celebrates customer service recognition

Stelrad has recently successfully achieved the ServiceMark Accreditation. Stelrad far exceeded the required scores in both the internal and external surveys relating to this accreditation and was ready to move forward to the next stage in the ServiceMark accreditation.

The final stage of the process that we were waiting for, involved an independent assessment which took place over three days in October.   The purpose of this was to verify that Stelrad is meeting the organisation’s benchmark requirements and was implementing the action plans it has committed to in order to develop the identified areas of improvement.

Over the three days the assessor spent time with several departments.  These included Customer Services, NDC, Marketing, HR and Technical.

There has been a huge amount of work put in by everyone involved at Stelrad to achieve this accreditation and this, along with the success of Stelrad as a business, is evident in the statement provided by the independent assessor, Julija Suzejeva who stated:

“From the evidence seen, Stelrad has undertaken a lot of work to focus its attention and strategy on the customer. With a recognition that customer service can help it differentiate its business from its competitors, the emphasis shifted from the more technical to relationship building and working in partnerships with customers by introducing a fairly recent role of Brand Specialists. Using The Institute of Customer Service surveys and its membership to provide a framework for identifying areas to improve and measure its  progress, some significant strides have been made, evidenced by the survey results, interviews and observations. At the same time there was no complacency but a strong and genuine desire to do more for its customers and continue to improve”.

So what does the accreditation actually mean?

The Institute of Customer Service states the following on its website: “ServiceMark is a national standard recognising an organisation’s achievement in customer service, and its commitment to upholding those standards.

“ServiceMark is awarded based on customer satisfaction feedback and an assessment of employee engagement with your organisation’s customer service strategy. It helps organisations understand how effective their customer service strategy is and identifies areas for improvement. Undergoing ServiceMark accreditation is an opportunity for organisations – of all sizes and sectors – to demonstrate how good their customer service really is and find ways of developing further.”

What this means is that Stelrad is delivering excellent customer service, it understands its customers’ needs and as Julija states, has a strong and genuine desire to do more for its customers. However, Stelrad will not become complacent and will always continue to develop and improve.

Stelrad’s Chris Harvey says: “The ServiceMark has been awarded for the period November 2019 to November 2022 during which time the company recognises the need to work hard to maintain and even improve the levels achieved. Congratulations are due to everyone who has worked towards these outstanding levels of Customer Service in all areas of the business.”