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    Room In Your Room?

    Radiators from Stelrad are available for any room you could wish for. Whether it’s a new Column Radiator for your Bedroom, a Vertical masterpiece to go next to your Living Room mantlepiece, or a new Towel rail radiator for your Bathroom’s brand new look, we will have the radiator that suits you, that’s a guarantee.

    Designer Radiators at Stelrad are the best radiators on the UK market. As industry leader, we have been providing the best heating systems in the UK and Ireland since 1936. They say an old dog can’t learn new tricks – but we beg to differ. Our radiator ranges are constantly, consistently evolving with the times, enabling us to still produce products that are absolutely golden, even though we’re an olden.

    Whatever room you are looking for a designer radiator for in your house, we can satisfy your needs. As well as our other room pages, you’ve landed here because you’re looking for a new radiator to fill that in-between sweet spot in your house. Whether you’re searching for a chrome colossus to stand proud in your games room, a energy conserving fit for the future radiator for your conservatory or you’ve renovated your attic, and want to bring the heat upstairs, we have you covered.

    Our LST Radiator range from our safety series are especially beneficially when you are trying to safeguard, secure and childproof your house. These radiators emit a low external surface temperature while doing an excellent job at heating your home, in a surprisingly energy efficient manner. These are perfect for other rooms such as an in-house nursey, a child’s playroom, or any other room that you would want to have extra protection within – the choice is really yours. Radiators within all of our ranges will have you spoiled for choice, but, the more the merrier, we say!

    Radiators For Any Room. Any Shape. Any Size.

    Radiators should not simply be a product of functionality – although, ours are the best functioning you will find! Even so, we believe looks are just as important when buying a new radiator, which is why our highly innovative, passionate creative team of radiator connoisseurs work day-in, day-out to work on new, modern radiator designs.
    Additionally, they are also always experimenting with new breakthroughs in science for aspects such as new kinds of heat proof paint, durable external materials and internal mechanisms that mean your radiator from Stelrad stays hot for longer, turns off when you want it too, or heats up in an instance, depending on the model of your choice.

    Using our Radiator Size Calculator, you can see how our radiators equate when compared and decide if you have the correct amount of space. Also see our BTU Calculator to discover which radiators are most efficient and whether they are suitable for you day-to-day needs.

    For more questions, see our FAQs where we hope your query will be sufficiently answered. If not, contact us here to speak with a radiator expert who will happily get back to you as soon as they possibly can.

    There’s always room for another radiator in your room, see our full list of rooms here to complete the Stelrad look and have your home looking top notch throughout.