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    Warm Up Your Workplace

    Finding the best radiator for your retail space or shop floor doesn’t have top be a daunting task. Choosing the right retail space radiator for you is a simple process with Stelrad. Offering the most effective, efficient, and stylish radiators on the UK market, we assist in making your shop floor look flawless, your warehouse warmer, and helping your business stand out.

    Since 1936, we have provided the highest spec radiators across a variety of ranges for multiple locations, whether it’s a trade radiator for your business or a radiator for your home, we have ensured to manufacture only the best radiators money can buy.

    Retail and shop space radiators are often overlooked, but trust us, your customer is looking! Your shop should shine, no matter the size, shape or what you sell. Whether you run a small shop, have a larger chain stores or are an independent SME business owner, retail space radiators are a must-have for your business.

    For your warehouse, or storage space, our retail space radiators, such as those in our Special Application Series, are perfect for keeping your staff and stock at the temperature they deserve to be, all year long. On your shop floor, a radiator from our Designer Series will really give your business that visual edge over your competitors, whether you are looking for a modern style Vertical Radiator that screams style, or a Column Radiator that is not only the height of functionality, but impeccably unrivalled in design. Once you install a Stelrad shop space radiator, you won’t know how you operated without one in the first place.

    Bathroom radiators are also an essential in any place of work – when you’ve got to go, you’ve go to go! See our superb series of compact and planar radiators, available in almost any colour you can think of, from blacks and greys to vibrant yellows, and everything in between. Integrating fluidly into whatever colour scheme you have already chosen for your retail space bathroom, we promise you’ll be spoiled for choice when choosing one of our radiators.

    Also see our range of towel rail radiators, for those retail spaces and shops that require a changing room, so you and your staff can enjoy the highest quality tube radiators before you start your workday. To help you decide which radiator is right for you, see our helpful Radiator Size Search Tool which will help you size things up. Additionally, use our BTU Calculator to figure out which of our radiators is the most efficient for your shop or retail space.  All of our radiators have full height anti-lift brackets available for a secure fixing in commercial applications and are fully compatible with renewable, low temperature systems, meaning less energy used in your place of work.

    For more information relating to radiators for your shop floor or retail space, or for any other questions, see our Radiator FAQs, or contact us here to speak to one of our radiator specialists. We are always happy to help.