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    Planar Vertical: Perfection In Planar

    Stelrad Planar Vertical Radiators are the Vertical, flat bodied, designer radiator to enhance the style of your home. If you’re finding the current design in your room drab and dry, installing a Stelrad Planar Vertical into your home will boost the overall look, completely transforming your current interior décor.

    Stelrad Planar Vertical Radiators are available as a K2 model vertical radiator, with 2 sets of convection fins and 2 radiator panels. A feat of modern design, these will help to perfectly balance your feng shui while making a bold statement within whichever room you decide to place it within. Available in a range of 36 different colour options, you can decide whether you want a new Stelrad Planar Vertical Radiator that screams with extravagant colour, like one of our Golden Yellow or Pastel Orange, or simply blends in with a sophisticated colour scheme like our wide range of authentic, classy shades such as Champagne, Quartz Grey, Bordeaux, or Metallic Cappuccino. This elegantly designed radiator gleams with sophisticated prowess and will act as welcoming addition to any room you choose. Manufactured under ISO 9000 quality systems, the Stelrad Planar Vertical is tested under strictly controlled lab conditions. Testing such as this ensures that all Stelrad Planar Vertical Radiators are guaranteed to perform to a maximum working pressure of 116 psi (8 bar) and conform to BS EN 442 – the European Standard for radiators.

    The Vertical Vision

    Stelrad Planar Vertical Radiator prices differ, depending on their size and functionality. Available in 22 different sizes, you will be able to easily pick the perfect Stelrad Planar Vertical Radiator to suit the needs of your room. Heights range from 1800mm -2200mm, making this one of our tallest ranges of radiator, while lengths span from 400mm – 700mm. Tall radiators such as the Stelrad Planar Vertical Radiator are much easier to install than you would imagine. Although large, the task itself is not a tall one. See our Stelrad Planar Vertical Radiator Installation and Technical Guide, which clearly explains the inner workings of this model, as well as including installation instructions. If you would prefer a visual representation of how to install the Stelrad Planar Vertical Radiator, watch this easy-to-follow video to see how it is done. For further assistance with installation of this model, you can use our Radiator Size Search Calculator, which will assist in the assessment of any size related issues you may have. If you are considering your Stelrad Planar Vertical Radiator purchase based upon appliance efficiency, also see our BTU Heat Loss Calculator, another extremely useful tool that will let you know which model is best for you, depending on the size of your room, amongst other factors.

    If the Stelrad Planar Vertical Radiators price isn’t quite right for you, the size doesn’t suit or you would prefer another model for other reasons, browse our entire website and you will find the perfect radiator for you.

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