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    Get In Line For Softline Concord Slimline

    Softline Concord Slimline Radiators breathe pure elegance and will heat your room to optimal temperatures while adding an essence of sophistication to your home. The slim, single tube design makes the Softline Concord Slimline Radiator one of our Softline Series favourites, available in the bright, welcoming Stelrad staple paint coating of RAL 9016 Traffic White. This tube radiator is not one to miss out on.

    Softline Concord Slimline Radiators are the heat optimised epitome of sheer style. The sleek tubes glide up any room you do so choose while warming your home with their excellent heating capabilities. With lengths ranging from 320mm – 640mm and height options of either 1800mm or 2000mm, these tall standing Vertical Radiators are a must have for any home. If you are unsure which Softline Concord Slimline model is right for you and your spatial requirements, we offer a helpful tool that measures up your options for you. Try our Radiator Size Search Calculator and find out whether the Softline Concord Slimline Radiator will be the perfect fit for your new interior design direction. Installation is also a very easy to follow process, check out our Technical and Installation Guide to follow the simple steps to get your new Softline Concord Slimline Radiator up and running, improving your home aesthetic, in no time at all.

    At Stelrad, we only offer the best, and that goes for all radiators, within all ranges, including our Softline Concord Slimline model. That’s why every model of radiator goes through strictly controlled independent laboratory testing to guarantee that all Stelrad radiators perform to a maximum working pressure of 66.7 psi (4.6 bar), and conform to BS EN 442, the European Standard for radiators.

    Superior Style At Stelrad

    Our radiators are unparalleled in both design and functionality. The Softline Concord Slimline Radiator is the height of innovative radiator technology, with Watts of 872 – 1956 or 2975 – 6674 Btu/hr options available, making them not only an extremely attractive, easily integrable model for your home, but also a fantastic heating appliance. For help with any issues you may be pondering over related to Softline Concord Slimline Radiator overall efficiency, we can offer you our BTU Heat Loss Calculator, which weighs up your options, depending on the size of your home environment.

    Every Softline Concord Slimline Radiator comes with a 5 Year Warranty, lasting you for years to come, maintaining its presence as an integral part of your home décor.

    If this isn’t the right product for you, or you’re looking for something else entirely, browse our entire website and check out all other Radiator options available, such as our Coloured Radiators, Horizontal Radiators, Chrome Radiators and much more.

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