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    Softline Concord Vertical: The Tall, Smooth Choice

    The Softline Concord Vertical Radiator from Stelrad is an exceedingly attractive tube radiator that will enhance your home décor while warming your home. Crafted elegantly by the creative team at Stelrad, the Softline Concord Vertical Radiator is one of the best-selling heating appliances from our Softline Series. Check the wide range of size options available, we assure you you’ll be pleased with what we have to offer.

    As tall standing radiators go, Softline Concord Vertical Radiators are the best quality, most attractive, easy to install tube radiators available to buy. For help with the setup process, see our Technical and Installation Guide for the Softline Concord Vertical Radiator. As with all of our Vertical Radiators, you need not be overwhelmed by the size of these colossal creations. The easy-to-follow instructions will help you with the process so it can stand tall in your room in no time at all.

    With an essence of sophistication, the Softline Concord Vertical will illuminate your room, improve your home décor and, most importantly, keep you warm all year round. Softline Concord Vertical Radiators come as either a single or double tubed radiator, emitting excellent levels of heat. Softline Concord Vertical Radiators are some of the most highly sought after, fashionable heaters you can purchase, performing exceedingly well while enhancing your home interior. The power output and efficiency will differ depending on whether your Softline Concord Vertical Radiator is a double or single tube model, with output options ranging from 852 – 1570 Watts, or 2907 – 5357 Btu/hr, giving you the option of how your new Stelrad Softline Concord Vertical Radiator will impact your personal requirements. For help deciding upon which model of these high standing heat emitters to choose, Stelrad offers a great tool, the incredibly useful BTU Heat Loss Calculator, allowing you to make an informed purchase decision when buying from Stelrad.

    The Softline Tubed Triumph

    With 4 different size options available, the power is in your hands when purchasing one of these powerful emitters of heat. Height options available are either the towering height of 1800mm or 2000mm, while lengths range from 444mm, 592mm and 740mm, meaning you won’t have to compromise, and can decide whether you want a slimmer or wider Softline Concord Vertical Radiator gracing your home.

    Perhaps a Softline Concord Vertical Radiator isn’t quite right for your current requirements. Maybe you would like something more vibrant, a horizontal model, or one of our classic white radiators. Not to worry, Stelrad offers the most comprehensive range of radiators in the UK, browse our website, and find the perfect Radiator for you. We promise, you’ll love what we have to offer.

    We at Stelrad are always here to help. If you have any queries about our Softline Concord Vertical Radiator, or any of our other radiator models, check out our FAQ advice hub, where we hope your questions will be thoroughly answered.

    Alternatively, feel free to contact us here, and one of our radiator experts will get back to you as quickly as possible.