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    Softline Plan Concept: Linear Style

    Softline Plan Concept Radiators from Stelrad are the perfect amalgamation of subtle sophistication, high-end fashion, and exceptional engineering. These dynamic dark coloured developments from our Softline Series are a must have for the homeowner with a style conscious mentality who excels on adding modern appliances to their home aesthetic.

    Possessing sleek, slim, subtle curves, these dark toned triumphs will add flair to your home while harnessing highflying heat that will warm you up, in style. Coated in the stark, highly modern Anthracite Grey paint, Softline Plan Concept Radiators can easily integrate into any environment, while bringing a poignant ambience to your room. There are 6 size options available within this range. The heights of all Softline Plan Concept Radiators are 600mm, while lengths range between 400mm – 1400mm, allowing you to decide if you want wider or slimmer Softline Plan Concept Radiator coming into your home and enhancing your interior décor. For further help with your Softline Plan Concept Radiator purchase decision, we offer an incredibly useful tool in the Radiator Size Search Calculator. This will size up your options and assess the best bet for your home, based on the dimensions of your room. Additional, Softline Plan Concept Radiators also have an Installation and Technical Guide that you can use to assist in the set up process and learn about the internal specifications of the product itself. We know that some of our customers prefer a visual demonstration when it comes to installation, which is why we also provide a clear video to show the process happening. Click here to watch the video and have your new Softline Plan Concept Radiator up and running and enhancing your home décor in no time at all.

    Softline Concept Prospects

    Softline Plan Concept Radiators come as either a K1 type, with 1 radiator panel and 1 set of convection fins, or a K2 model with 2 radiator panels and 2 sets of convection fins, meaning you are empowered with choices when purchasing your new highly fashionable heat emitter. Softline Plan Concept Radiators have outputs ranging from 364 – 2288 Watts, or 1242 – 7807 Btu/hr, so you can decide how powerful and energy efficient this dark coloured delight will be in your home. We understand that the needs of our individual customers differ, depending on their home environments. That is why we provide our very own BTU Heat Loss Calculator, helping you figure out the best model for you and your home, depending on multiple factors regarding the size and qualities of your home,

    These sleek, monotonal appliances will enhance any home, with a colour pallet that can either blend in or stand out with your current interior, depending on your current style. As one of the highest quality, highly durable models, the Softline Plan Concept Radiator comes with a massive 15 Year Warranty, as we know this robust, stylish heating appliance will last for many years to come.

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