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Stelrad and Newcastle Falcons

Principle Partner of the Newcastle Falcons

STELRAD principle partner of Newcastle falcons

Stelrad are proud partners of Newcastle Falcons and you may have seen the Stelrad logo around the stadium on a match day, from the hoarding boards, LED animated boards, programme adverts and players training outfits.
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Here is a little more about Stelrad…


With more and more TV programmes covering home renovation, celebrity homes and buying and selling property it’s hardly surprising that people in the UK are taking more interest in the look of their own homes. It’s something that Stelrad Radiators has been catering for, for many years, but the options available just keep growing.

This desire to have something out of the ordinary, increasingly filters down to homeowners wanting a say in the radiators they get – aware that these days whilst the standard steel panel radiators we all recognise are still the best sellers in the UK, there is a huge range of decorative and designer radiators available to choose from – particularly for bathrooms and en-suites, and often designer radiators or vertical versions of radiators for the living room, the entrance hall, master bedroom and the kitchen, where visitors to the home will see the radiators and hopefully be impressed by the style and choice of the homeowner!


Radiators are more and more, being seen as part of the décor, worth investing a little more in, rather than simply a means of sharing heat around the home. In some cases, they are quite literally a focal point of a room – even more so now that coloured radiators are growing in popularity, allowing the more ‘design savvy’ homeowners to select radiators that match or contrast with the decoration in a room.

The arrival of coloured radiators is a major step forward in the radiator marketplace and Stelrad was the first major player in the sector to add coloured radiators to its standard range – available from stock in a small range of colours and sizes at first, for delivery within 72 hours of ordering. Many of Stelrad’s radiators are available in up to 36 different colours and a number of its radiator designs are available from stock.

Another modern trend is the huge increase in vertical radiator options. Clearly these have a smaller horizontal wall footprint and tend to make it easier to arrange décor in a room. But they also provide heating options where wall space is at a premium such as in hallways, corridors and smaller rooms. These vertical radiators have been developed over the years for bathrooms and kitchens in particular.

Stelrad Stats

Stelrad are the largest manufacturer of radiators in the UK and Ireland. To the average Falcons fan, radiators may just be steel panels that keeps their homes warm, but Stelrad manufactures and distributes more than 2,500,000 radiators of all shapes and sizes every year – and now in up to 36 colours – so radiators are big business.

Stelrad’s head office is based here in Newcastle with the manufacturing plant and National Distribution Centre (NDC), located in Mexborough, South Yorkshire, close to the M18 and the M1. It’s ideally located for the tens of lorries laden with radiators that head off daily around the country delivering radiators to building and plumbing merchants branches the length and breadth of the country – from Aberdeen to Truro, from Norwich to Aberystwyth and from Dover to Fort William!

Stelrad and Newcastle Falcons

So let’s give you a few more stats – sport these days and rugby in particular thrive on stats – so here are some more about Stelrad!

The recently extended NDC in Mexborough sees more than 54 million tonnes of radiators moving in and out of the warehouse in a year. To put that in perspective, that’s 239 times the weight of the Statue of Liberty. More than 195,000 pallets are delivered to merchants around the country every year. And if all the pallets delivered could be stacked on top of each other they would be 24.2 times the height of Mount Everest….we’re talking huge quantities of product, huge numbers of movements, vast numbers of deliveries and a capacity and number that is growing year by year. It takes some organisation and management team to keep this working smoothly and maintaining in excess of 99% ‘Complete and on time’ delivery track record.

The company sees its distribution to more than 2,000 different customer locations across the UK – more than 50,000 deliveries a year – as key to its success and accessibility to its growing product range as vital to its growth and ability to stay the no.1 radiator manufacturer since 1936. The NDC is now 160,000 sq. ft in size and able to stock 360,000 radiators for delivery within 72 hours of order. That’s a mind boggling 17,000 different pallet locations in the NDC that holds 55 different radiator ranges, that have more than 3,000 product codes.

That’s enough stats for now, but it serves to paint a picture of the work that Stelrad does. So no one at Newcastle Falcons should be going cold this winter! There’s no excuse – you know where to go for warmth! Whether you’re after standard steel panel radiators – Stelrad’s bestselling Compact radiator range to its designer and decorative radiators that include a wide range of attractive towel rails and bathroom radiators, the UK’s largest range of low surface temperature radiators which are ideal for buildings and homes where the young, the elderly and the vulnerable live and visit – with attractive casings that never get hotter than 43 degrees C and a range of special application radiators where a more robust radiator or one that can stand up to constant moisture in the air without rusting are needed – there’s a radiator quite literally for every application!