A Guide to The Best Bathroom Radiators

A bathroom is the soul of the house and is one of the most used and important rooms in homes across the UK. It’s where you visit to prepare yourself for the day every morning, and it’s where you take the time to destress at the end of each day. It has the power to help you relax and take some time for yourself by shutting the world out and locking the door. Because this room has so much potential for what it can do for you, you want to make sure that you’re making the best decisions for the aesthetic of your dreams as well as being heated correctly so that relaxation is easy. Here, we’ve put together a guide to the best bathroom radiators you need.

Heated Towel Rails

When searching for your ideal bathroom radiator, your first port of call should be a heated towel rail. Heated towel rails are in between a radiator and a towel rack to provide you with the perfect room heating and towel drying solution so that you can enjoy your bath and shower times even more. These trusty ladder style heating solutions are becoming increasingly popular throughout modern UK homes and you’re guaranteed to see one in any home makeover show.

Heated towel racks are becoming so popular due to their function and style and affordable price tag. When it comes to the best bathroom radiators, our range of heated towel racks is a top choice with a range of distinctive styles, colours and finishes. Choose chrome towel rails which are one of the nation’s favourite choices to put a modern, luxurious spin on your bathroom décor. The chrome gleams after every clean and adds some glitz to your room. If you want a variation on chrome, heated towel racks also come in a range of other colours from classic white to vibrant colours to suit every style of bathroom.

Slimline Heated Towel Rails

For smaller bathrooms, choose from slimline towel rails as a must-have addition. These space-saving towel radiators are a wonderful hybrid of modern engineering and creative craftsmanship as the shiny, metallic finish allows for a heating appliance that shines, heats your room, and dries your towels efficiently. The small but effective slimline radiators are one of the best bathroom radiators due to their small size they can easily fit on narrow walls in smaller bathrooms.

These classy style radiators come in a range of colours and sizes to suit every bathroom whether this is the master bathroom, ensuite or small downstairs toilet. If you want to be sure you’re purchasing the right size radiator, you can use our radiator size calculator to be sure!

Traditional Heated Bathroom Radiators

Whether you have a traditional home or are looking to inject some character into your modern bathroom, traditional bathroom radiators are the perfect way to add some charm and style. Traditional bathroom radiators allow you to have the best of both worlds with a white centre tank with a chrome bar finish that’s perfect for hanging your towels. Adding a traditional heated bathroom radiator can be one of the best bathroom radiators for industrial interior décor or those who want the perfect mix of old and new.

Traditional bathroom radiators are vintage-inspired yet super effective at heating your bathroom and keeping your towels toasty for when you hop out of the shower or bath. Traditional bathroom radiators are made to the highest standard and are a great style feature for modern homes with traditional twists.

Vertical Radiators

On the other end of the scale, vertical radiators are a super sleek and modern choice for all bathrooms. Vertical radiators are the perfect way to save on space in small bathrooms with narrow wall space. People mistakenly believe that due to their narrow walls they must compromise on heat output and choose an undersized radiator for their room. However, radiator technology has come a long way and now there are incredible ranges of vertical radiators that fit in most rooms to efficiently heat whilst saving space. Vertical panelled radiators make it super easy for you to clean with a smooth finish and are perfect to place in a high-usage space like the bathroom. To double up as a heated towel rail, you can even towel hooks and hangers to keep your towels dry and off the floor.

Our vertical radiators are one of the best bathroom radiators as they are just as good as the standard horizontal radiators that you find in most homes. These radiators may even increase the value of your property as more people are looking for ultra-modern features like this when buying, and vertical radiators aren’t very common in the UK! These tall, slim radiators are a must-have for any home and will make your rooms super desirable. Depending on your requirements, you can choose from single and double radiators in a variety of colours and styles to meet your interior design expectations. Adding vertical radiators to your bathroom as well as through your house is a great way to update your rooms easily.

Anthracite Radiators

Upgrade your room even further by choosing one of our anthracite radiators that are growing in popularity. Anthracite radiators are the hottest trend on the market and come in vertical radiators, column radiators and horizontal radiators. Anthracite is a grey colour often used in design phraseology; it’s best to think of it as a kind of charcoal or dark grey which is lighter than black but with a tiny touch of silver. It’s a modern, up-and-coming shade that you’ll start seeing everywhere in modern homes – especially in bathrooms!

The anthracite radiator is right at home in any modern bathroom, especially with the trend for dark bathroom fittings. An anthracite towel rail is a cutting edge choice as they come in a huge range of modern designs like our Concord Side Concept which has an open-end design that makes placing and removing towels super easy. It’s straightforward to transform your bathroom aesthetic with a sleek and stylish anthracite radiator.