How Long Do Radiators Last?

When it comes to investing in radiators for your home, have you ever asked the question how long do radiators last? After all, they are a long-term investment for your home and usually come with a 10–15-year warranty. You will want to decide on a design, size, and model appropriate to fit in the rooms you need to heat up in the colder winter months. Some customers like to consider how much value a certain type of radiator will add to their home, if they are planning to move soon, whereas others pick something to suit the home they intend to stay in for a lifetime. Whether you want to replace old radiators or fit completely new ones, there are options for everyone at Stelrad.

On Average How Long Do Radiators Last?

The average amount of time a radiator will last is 8-12 years if it is maintained and looked after properly. You will need to make sure you take out regular maintenance on your radiator, such as bleeding the radiator to get any trapped water out. At least once a year you will need to bleed your radiator, but some people do it more regularly. If you don’t bleed the radiator it can start to clog up and not work properly. As a result, your electricity bills will be higher than expected as the radiator will likely be working harder to heat up, especially if it’s gone cold in some places. You can learn more about bleeding rtype

Make Your Radiator Last Longer with Regular Maintenance

It is crucial to take out regular maintenance on your radiator, and as well as bleeding your radiator you will need to keep it clean. Cleaning your radiator every few days or at least once a week is essential, as you will want to remove any dust and find any marks or scratches. There is a range of different ways to clean your radiator, but soapy warm water is generally the most effective. Most of our radiators can be cleaned in the same way, just ensure you always use soft sponges so you don’t take any paint off your radiator, or scratch certain radiators such as chrome radiators. Maintaining them is a simple, yet crucial part of radiator care and maintenance overall.

What Do I Need to Check Before Investing in New Radiators?

There are some things you need to consider before investing in a new radiator that you want to last and the most important ones are style, heat output and size. If you buy a radiator that isn’t the right size for your room or the wrong orientation, you will be likely to replace it after some time. To avoid having to replace the radiator after a few years, ensure you accurately measure the space you want to fit the radiator in and check it’s not too big or small for the given room. You will want your radiator to be able to heat up the size of the room properly too and you can use our Stelrad STAR calculator to help you work this out.

When it comes to choosing a radiator, you will need to consider a single K1 radiator or a more powerful K2 double radiator or a P+ double radiator. The difference between these radiators is the panels and convection fins inside the radiators, this results in different heat outputs. For larger rooms, double radiators are more appropriate, whereas, for smaller rooms, you might only need a single radiator with one convection fin and one panel. Make sure you research exactly what you need before investing, because if you don’t, you might end up needing to replace your radiator after a short period of time if it’s not heating up the room efficiently. These are the different types of radiators you can find at Stelrad:


  • P1 also known as Type 10, is a type of radiator with 1 radiator panel and no convection fins.
  • K1 also known as Type 11, is a type of radiator with 1 radiator panel and 1 set of convection fins.
  • P+ also known as Type 21, is a type of radiator with 2 radiator panels and 1 set of convection fins.
  • K2 also known as Type 22, is a type of radiator with 2 radiator panels and 2 sets of convection fins.
  • K3 also known as Type 33, is a type of radiator with 3 radiator panels and 3 sets of convection fins.


Consider the Style & Colour Carefully When Buying a New Radiator

The style and colour of your radiator are just as important as the output when considering how long do radiators last, as you might end up replacing your radiator if you change the style and decor inside your home. Be mindful of the different styles of radiator we have at Stelrad and go for something elegant and modern for a more contemporary home, or a vintage radiator to create a retro 1970s feel in older homes. Colour is also important to consider, some like to make a statement with coloured radiators, whereas others prefer subtle, simple white radiators. If you are fitting new radiators in every room inside your home, you might prefer to go for the same models throughout, but some of our customers at Stelrad like to create different moods in different rooms, so they pick a variety of different radiator models. For example, towel radiators are ideal in bathrooms, but you probably wouldn’t use one of these in a bedroom.

How Often Should Radiators Generally Be Replaced?

There will come a time you will need to replace your radiator, as they don’t last forever. Whether you’re getting your home ready to put on the market to sell or you just want to ensure you will be warm all year round, replacing your radiator every 15-20 years is advised by heating experts. Radiators are often simple to install and all our radiators at Stelrad come with the equipment to help you set everything up. In the radiator packaging, you will find brackets to attach the radiator to the wall, they will help you easily and securely attach your radiator and get it ready to use. You will also find plastic insert seats in the packaging; these will help with precision. There will be more equipment in the packaging to help you install your radiator by yourself and get it connected to your home’s central heating system. Browse our advice hub for more information about the installation of your Stelrad radiator.

Stelrad Radiators Are a Durable Option

Stelrad radiators are one of the most durable options on the market, no matter what size or design of radiator you choose, it will be made from high-quality materials. Browse some of our designer radiators if you’d prefer to splash out on a modern radiator that will last for years and years. If you are worried about how long do radiators last and you would like a model that will last for at least 10 years, all our radiators have a warranty included. We hope you find the perfect selection of radiators for your home to keep you warm in the cold winter months in the UK.