The Best Heating System For Your Home

Given the current energy crisis, having the best heating system that is cost-effective enough for use, has never been so important. Although energy bills are capped, the prices remain astronomical. Consequently, everyone is looking for the best heating options to reduce their energy bills, throughout the winter months.

Heating and hot water constitute over half of the average person’s fuel bill. Given the present situation, it is vital to ensure you have the best heating system and the best heating options in place. But where do you begin? Finding the most efficient heating method depends on several factors. Until recently, gas central heating was the go-to heating option for UK residents. However, it is not possible for those who are off the grid.

For these people, heating options include electric, LGG, oil, and renewable energy.

What Is the Best Heating System To Keep Costs Down?

Until now, gas was considered the best heating system solution. The reason it topped electric central heating is due to higher electric prices per unit. Now, we face a bleak situation whereby gas prices continue to rise, and gas availability is in decline.

On another note, using gas is no longer considered the best heating system, due to its impact on the environment. Consumers were already looking for alternative ways to install the best home heating systems and reduce their carbon footprint.

When factoring durability, efficiency, and cost, the best heating system for your house is choosing electric boilers and radiators. This works out cheaper than its gas counterpart. There are several benefits to using electric heating and depending on your current set-up, it may be the best heating system for you.

What Are The Benefits Of Using An Electric Heating System?

Firstly, many houses already have an electric heating system installed. If not, the installation cost is remarkably low.

Next, electric boilers and radiators last far longer than gas and oil boilers. Given there are no internal moving parts, the chances of breakdowns are reduced.

When it comes to fast and effective warmth, electricity can be the best heating system for your home. This is a cost-effective approach, as radiators quickly warm up the relevant room to the thermostat’s set level. Furthermore, they will keep on sending warmth into the room (to a lesser amount), even after the radiator is turned off.

Finally, opting for an electric heating system is the best choice for maintaining control. Simply set your desired temperature, and switch it off, as required. For many people, electricity provides the best and most environmentally friendly heating systems around.

Radiators ensure that every watt of energy is converted into heat; thus, significantly reducing the possibility of wastage. Moreover, if you are lucky enough to have renewable energy such as solar panels or wind power, they can be used in unison with your radiators. This, in turn, achieves total efficiency!

In comparison to gas heating, using an electric heating system equates to no risk of carbon monoxide.

Radiator or underfloor heating – which is the best heating system?

Underfloor heating comes with a lot of stress and added cost. Installing underfloor heating may sound great in theory – but in practice, it is a whole different ball game. Picture high-cost installation, difficult and time-consuming repairs, and a slower heating process.

Are log burners the best heating system for your home, when considering costs?

Log and wood burners are undoubtedly far cheaper than using electricity and gas to heat your house. However, due to rising emissions, it will soon be a legal requirement to use eco-friendly burners. This means a higher set-up cost – but given the soaring energy prices, owning a log burner will save you money in the long term. On the other hand, they are not the best heating system for quickly warming up the entire house. Also, they take a considerable amount of effort and time to maintain.

Is an electric heating system better than using oil?

Although oil heating systems are more cost-effective, they are due to be phased out from 2025 onwards, in favour of low-carbon heating systems.

Best Home Heating System – Final Thoughts

The energy crisis in the UK shows no sign of slowing down, causing mounting pressure for people to reassess their home heating situations. As you can see, presently opting for an electric heating system for your house can be favourable over gas for some where convenient.

If you are still in doubt, or for more information to help you choose the best option for you, visit our website today.

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