The Most Popular Renovation Trends According to Pinterest

Renovations and DIY have seen a surge in interest over the last year with people spending far more time at home than ever before and turning to home improvements. In fact, according to Google Trends, there has been an 89% increase in searches for the term ‘renovations’ since the start of the year.

In light of the growing interest, we’ve analysed a series of search terms relating to renovations and extensions using Pinterest Trends to find out which have seen the biggest increase and decrease in interest since the end of 2020. 

We have looked at different house types, period properties as well as the most popular rooms people are searching for on Pinterest for renovation or extension inspiration. 

So, which renovation trends are topping the leaderboard and which are seeing a decline? Find out in the graphic below.


The most popular renovation trends according to Pinterest


The Most Popular House Type to Renovate


When it comes to the variety of house types, there is a lot of choices, but in this case, the house type for renovation seeing the most interest on Pinterest is actually caravans with a 140% increase in searches. Following behind is bungalows, with a search interest increase of 12% and third place goes to cottage renovations with an increase of 6% in searches. 

Surprisingly, searches for house renovations have seen a 63% decrease, showing people are getting more adventurous in their renovations and taking on new projects. 


The Most Popular Period Property to Renovate


Every decade of house has something slightly different to offer, but which decade of property is the most popular for renovation projects? 1970 takes the brown with a shocking 87% increase in interest for this era of property. 

1930s houses are the second most popular period property for renovation with a 31% increase in search interest and 1960s is the third most popular with an increase of 16%. 


The Most Popular Room to Renovate


Taking on a new project is a great way to freshen up and improve your home, so which rooms around the house are people most interested in renovating? 

Our analysis shows that bathroom renovations have seen the biggest increase in interest, with a staggering 139% increase in search interest on Pinterest. 

Lean to’s have seen the second-biggest increase of 65% and the classic kitchen renovation takes third place with an increase of 50% in search interest since the start of the year. 

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