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    Luxury Heaters You Can Warm Up To

    What makes your leisure or fitness centre unique? You have all the equipment, the newest technology, all the greatest and latest styles, but what good is the highest spec equipment, if your guests just can’t take their eyes off the basic, boring radiator in the corner.

    Leisure Centre Radiators at Stelrad include all the best Designer Radiator ranges, whether it’s a Towel Rail radiator where your guests can throw their robe after relaxing in the spar, a new bathroom radiator for your changing room that will keep visitors warm after their dip in the pool, or a leisure centre radiator for the gym, so your clients aren’t shivering for long when they make a trip to the treadmill in the winter months.

    Anthracite radiators such as our Planar and Swing Vertical Radiators are perfect for your fitness centre, adding a touch of class with a modern style. These wall-climbing show stoppers are a customer favourite, with their sleek, modern style, giving your facility a new-age feel with the high powered heat that accompanies it.

    Column radiators available in 2, 3 and 4 columns such as those in our Softline Series and are able to add that much needed splash of colour to your spa, leisure, or gym facility. Leisure centre and gym radiators will offer warmth to your visitors while standing out as a fashionable decorative piece, making your centre a place your visitors won’t forget. See our Radiator Size Calculator to see which dimension of radiator is best suited to your centre, along with our BTU Calculator to figure out which is the most efficient leisure centre radiator for your needs.

    As well as our stylish range of tall radiators, we also have a vast range of practical yet aesthetically pleasing options. If safety for your guests is a main concern, see our range of LST Radiators, made with your customers at the forefront of our minds. Radiators such as these offer              an energy efficient solution with a low heat output, allowing for a Leisure Centre radiator that will effectively warm your facility while remaining at a low enough temperature externally, thanks to their insulating casing. This means that if they are brushed against, no accidental burns will occur. These are especially good for areas in your Leisure Centre where children will be actively using the space.

    If your Leisure Centre, gym, or spa is part of a hotel complex, see our range of Hotel Radiators to compare the various models and complete your resort’s entire look with the full Stelrad package. Once you start collecting Stelrad radiators for your facilities, be it your home, workplace or resort, we are sure you won’t look back.

    If you have more questions related to gym or leisure centre radiators, or any other radiator related issues, such as the installation process of our various radiator models see our Radiator FAQs, or contact us here to speak to one of our radiator specialists. We are always happy to help and will get back to you as quickly as possible, so your new radiator is up and running.