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    Welcome To The Hot Desk

    Office Radiators from Stelrad will keep you warm all year round. Whether it’s a work-from-home setup, a classic office layout or a modern, open plan workspace, we have the best radiator for your office. Offering the widest range of radiators in the UK and Ireland, buying an office radiator from us means you are guaranteed in purchasing a top-of-the-range product, unmatched in function and visual appeal.

    What are the best radiators for your office? This completely depends upon what kind of office space you work within.  Our office radiators from our Designer Series, such as our Lo-Line Compact office radiators, Vertical Radiators and Tubular Radiators will modernise your office, adding a new, attractive quality to your workplace.

    When you buy a new office radiator from Stelrad, the view from your desk will seamlessly transform into a warm environment where productivity will naturally increase.

    We know that in the same-old workspace, it eventually starts to feel like the days prolong, work becomes “the slog” and efficiency diminishes. Why stick with monotony when you can add some vibrancy to your everyday life? You and your employees will reap the benefits once you have styled out your place of work with a new office radiator that will heat the place up while speeding up your progress.

    Office radiators are also available from our Special Application Series, offering the best radiator for offices that have a larger amount of daily footfall, and are more at risk of being bumped into or damaged. Our Compact Xtra Protection and Heavy Duty Planar lines of office radiators will add an attractive, desirable finish to your office, while ensuring protection for the appliance itself. This will result in an office radiator that lasts longer and looks good, with an excellent heat output.

    The Best Office Radiators For Practicality And Performance

    Our Professional Designer office radiators offer a vibrant stroke of colour, whether it is a vertical swing radiator for your office bathroom or meeting room, or a horizontal planar office radiator that will efficiently heat any part of the office you so choose. The choice is really yours.

    Safety in your workplace is imperative to us at Stelrad. We are the only company in the UK Heating and Plumbing sector to win an International Safety Award with distinction, from the British Safety Council, which means guaranteed safety for you, your employees, and any visitors to your office.

    With nationwide distribution in the UK, you can order your office radiator today and get free delivery to you work. Use our Radiator Size Search Tool to decide which office radiator will fit into your workplace, and also see our BTU Calculator to figure out what the most efficient option for you will be.

    We know you work hard, so why not actually enjoy the time you spend within your workplace. For more questions relating to office radiators, or any other radiator related questions, such as the installation process of our various radiator models see our Radiator FAQs, or contact us here to speak to one of our radiator specialists.

    We are always happy to help and you’ll be working away in a sufficiently heated office in no time at all.