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    Home Series Vertical Ultra From: £823.55 Incl VAT The Stelrad Home Series Vertical Ultra radiator is as unique as you are with the option of one or two towel rails and can be tailored to suit any bathroom or kitchen. Available in over 30 made to order colour options, it can be tailored to work in any space.
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Trade In The Old For The New

Professional Radiators from Stelrad are available for any and every professional workspace. The best professional radiator for your place of work depends upon what kind of work environment you operate within, as well as the size and dimension of the room you are looking to bring some heat into.

If you work within an office or corporate environment, our office radiators from our Designer Series, such as our Lo-Line Compact office radiators and  Vertical Radiators will add a modern look to your professional workplace, increasing the  quality of your work place aesthetic, while also boosting the quality of work done within it. Our designer professional radiators can present a lively touch of colour, whether it is a Vertical Wave radiator for your work bathroom or conference room, or a horizontal radiator that will effectively heat up whatever room you decide to install it into. The choice is really yours.

Perhaps you work in hospitality and need your professional radiators to really make an impression on your guests, visitors, or associates. Stelrad is consistently the number 1 choice for installation professionals, and we don’t blame them!

Professional radiators from Stelrad come in a variety of different models, available for any room in your workplace. For a more industry specific work environment, see our Safety Series, including our LST radiators, with an insulating casing, providing a low surface temperature alternative to your professional environment. We’re not only the manufacturer of the best professional radiators in functionality, but also in design.

Professional Radiators: Quality Lasts

Providing the highest specification radiators since 1936 across a wide range of locations and industries , whether it’s a trade radiator for your business or a radiator for your home, we have ensured to produce only the best radiators available.

For your onsite manufacturing company, warehouse space or storage facility, our professional radiators are perfect for keeping your personnel and produce at the correct temperature, from Spring, through to Winter.  In your professional workplace, your, a radiator from our Professional Designer Series will give your business that visible advantage over your competitors, whether you are looking for a modern style Professional Vertical Radiator, or a Professional Column Radiator. Once you set up a Stelrad Professional radiator, you won’t look back.

See our range of towel rail radiators, for those work spaces and that require a changing room, so you and your employees can appreciate the greatest tube radiators at work.. To help you decide which radiator is right for you, see our helpful Radiator Size Search Tool which will help you size things up. Additionally, use our BTU Calculator to figure out which of our radiators is the most efficient for your shop or retail space.  All of our radiators have full height anti-lift brackets available for a secure fixing in commercial applications and are fully compatible with renewable, low temperature systems, meaning less energy used in your place of work.

If you have any questions regarding Professional Radiators for your business, feel free to contact us here, or see our FAQs page where you can find answers to your radiator-based query. We’re always happy to help.