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    Curved Radiators: Go With The Curve

    With 125 options available, you’ll be spoiled for choice when browsing our selection of Curved Radiators, double curved radiators and curved electric radiators. All Curved Radiators available are sold within our Softline Series, with 6 different models available including our Softline Silhouette, Softline Plan, Softline Plan Concept, Softline Deco, Softline Deco Concept and Softline Compact Curved Radiators. Our Curved Radiators offer a classic, recognisable flush design that will sit upon your wall without any issues. The curved element lies within the corners and edges of the radiators themselves. These curved corner radiators are offered as either a K1, K2, K3 or P+ type radiator, meaning when you make your purchase decision, you can include the option of how powerful it will be, how much heat it will emit and how sustainable it will be from an efficiency perspective.

    All curved electric radiators from Stelrad are the highest performing in functionality, but when it comes to design, that’s where your person preference comes in. We provide a range of classic and modern design Curved Corner Radiators that will enhance your home décor, no matter what your personal style is. Our Softline Deco and Softline Deco Concept curved corner radiators are available in monochromic colour schemes, depending on whether you want to lighten up or balance out your room. The Softline Silhouette model is a electric curved radiator, with curved side panels and top grille that make it instantly recognisable and a must have for your room.

    Curved Corner Radiators: Give Your Home That Extra Edge

    Other curved electric radiators, such as the Softline Compact is painted in our classic RAL 9016 Traffic White, with a classic radiator design, making it an adaptable heating essential for any room you choose to set it up within. This well-known look can easily integrate into any home, while giving you an excellent heat output, keeping you toasty all year round.  For help deciding what size curved radiator is for you, use our Radiator Size Search Calculator. For help with deciding what Heat Output is ideal for your home, also see our BTU Heat Loss Calculator.

    If curved radiators and double curved radiators aren’t for you, we have many other Radiator options available. Check out our elegant Vertical Radiators, Column Radiators, Towel Rail Radiators, Radiators for Bathrooms, and so much more.