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    Caliente Vertical Radiator: Heat In Height

    The Caliente Vertical Radiator is a tall tubular treat for any household. Much like it’s Horizontal counterpart, this Vertical Radiator from our Designer Series is available in Stelrad’s RAL 9016 Traffic White, drip-free, heat resistant paint, so it can heat your home all day long without you having to worry.

    Available in 8 different size options, it is sold as either a single, or double tube radiator. All of our Caliente Radiators bring a sleek, elegant look to your home, while also bringing the heat. You’ll feel like Summer has come early once you have a Stelrad Caliente Vertical Radiator shipped to your door. Its classic, art-inspired style will add a touch of class to your Bathroom, Kitchen or whichever room you decide to install it within. This minimalistic monochrome masterpiece can mount your wall, replacing a bare and boring look with something that really stand out and steals the show. These Towel Rail Radiators are top of the line, made with extreme precision and a passion for both design and functionality by our specialists. As well as having an excellent heat output, these Towel Rail Radiators also have an extra practical benefit in quickly drying your towel or clothes, saving you time in the long-run. All radiators at Stelrad are manufactured and tested under strictly controlled conditions. To ensure quality, we consistently make sure that each product has a working pressure of 116 psi (8 bar), and conforms to BS EN 442, the European Standard for radiators.

    For assistance in deciding what size is suitable for you, see our Size Search Calculator, where we will help you figure out if a new Stelrad Caliente Vertical Radiator right for your home. For other styles from our Designer Series, such as our Column Radiator browse our website where you can explore all available options of Radiator.

    Caliente Vertical Radiators UK – FAQs

    Is A Vertical Radiator Better Than Horizontal?

    Vertical Radiators, such as the Stelrad Caliente Vertical Radiator, were once shunned as “style over substance” statement pieces, rather than a highly functioning heating application. Thanks to modern innovations, including the work done by the intuitive brains at Stelrad, a Vertical Radiator doesn’t have to come with sacrifice any longer. Vertical radiators now have an equal BTU heat output to horizontal radiators, and the old tale of heat being lost through the top of them can finally be put to rest. Whatever your radiator choice may be, check out our BTU Calculator to find out which of our radiators is most efficient for you.

    How High Should A Vertical Radiator Be From The Floor?

    The recommended height for a Stelrad Caliente Vertical Radiator, or any other Vertical Radiator, from the floor is 150mm, at the very minimum. The reason for this being, an adequate amount of space for airflow must be available when the vertical radiator is placed on the bracket. This will result in an adequately heated home, while enjoying the benefits of a stylish, modern designer Radiator.

    If you feel you have more radiator related queries about Stelrad Caliente Vertical Radiators, or any of our other radiators, please see our FAQs page where we hope your question will be answered. Alternatively, contact us here to speak to one of Stelrad’s experts and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.