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    High Class Columns

    Stelrad Classic Column Vertical Radiators offer a modern radiator style, combined with superb functionality to both enhance your home décor and warm your house with a powerful heat output. Similarly, to our Horizontal Column Radiators, this range of Column Radiators from our Designer Series work to the highest possible specifications, while offering an aesthetically elegant accompaniment to your home interior.

    With so many Radiator options available at Stelrad, why choose a Classic Column Vertical Radiator? Available in 6 sizes, accommodating to your personal space, and made in 35 different available colours, Classic Column Vertical Radiators are the missing feature to your modern home. If you were to choose the standard model, our White RAL 9016 is the standard drip-free paint coating you will see across all of our radiator ranges. With this range of radiator, the options are limitless when it comes to choosing your shade, with a wide choice of other RAL colour options to choose from. Whether you prefer subtleties within your scheme, or are a fan of a much louder hue, whichever colour Classic Column Vertical Radiator you ultimately choose, the positive impact it will have on your interior design is colossal.

    Available as either 1 column or 2 column radiators, Stelrad Classic Column Vertical Radiators will have the heat output specifically tailored to your heating needs, regardless of surface area. To find out which of our Classic Column Vertical Radiators is most efficient for your home, see our BTU Calculator, an easy-to-use tool that will calculate the best choice of radiator for your space.

    Classic Column Vertical Radiators: Warm Up Your Wall

    One of the benefits of choosing a Vertical Radiator is that you have many more options when It comes to space. Horizontal radiators take up a large amount of space with their width, while Stelrad Classic Column Vertical Radiators give the same overall heat output, while conserving space by having most of its body running vertically up the wall. Our specifically engineered Radiator Size Calculator will help you decide which size Classic Column Vertical Radiator is best for you and the dimensions of your home.

    Classic Column Vertical Radiators UK- FAQs

    Do Column Radiators Give More Heat?

    Whether Column Radiators give more heat is dependent on which model of radiator you are comparing against. For larger spaces, especially those with higher ceilings, Column Radiators like Stelrad Classic Column Vertical Radiator are perfect. Possessing a larger surface area than panel radiators, for example, Column Radiators will ultimately emit more heat overall.

    What’s The Difference Between 1 Column And 2 Column Radiators?

    Classic Column Vertical Radiators are available as either 1 column or 2 column radiators. This terminology is simply in reference to the number of columns within each section of the radiator, which are the segments that the hot water flows within when the radiator is switched on. The columns emit heat and cause convection within your room. Generally, the more columns within a radiator, the more heat it can emit.

    If you have any questions regarding Classic Column Vertical Radiators or any other of Stelrad’s radiators, please contact us here where a radiator specialist will get back to you as promptly as they can. Alternatively, please see our FAQs page for other frequently asked questions.