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    Compact 300 Radiators: Smaller Strength

    The Stelrad Compact 300 radiator range takes its name from the width of the radiator. This mini masterpiece is only 300mm wide, but where it lacks in width, it excels in warmth. Snug in stature yet simultaneously superb in its functionality, the Compact 300 Radiator will act as an unimposing practical application, keeping the temperature optimal in your home or workplace while not getting in the way.

    This subtle Stelrad heating unit stands out as one of the most powerful size-for-output radiators we have to offer. Every Stelrad Compact 300 Radiator is fully equipped with renewable, low temperature heat pumps.  This enables our radiators with the ability of being some of the most efficient radiators sold within the UK. To set up your new UK Stelrad Compact 300 Radiator, see our Compact Radiator Specification Guide for more information on Stelrad Compact Radiators, as well our Stelrad Specification Book for details regarding all other Stelrad models. If you are unsure which radiator will fit into home, our easy to use Radiator Size Search Calculator will help you figure out which size is best for you.

    Compact 300 Radiators UK - FAQs

    Does Size Of Radiator Matter?

    When it comes to radiator size, it is all comparative to the size of the room that you place it within. Radiators such as the Stelrad Compact 300 Radiator are perfect for smaller spaces. A larger radiator within a smaller space would result in an excess energy dispersal, therefore smaller radiators are much better suited to your cupboards, closets and smaller rooms within your environment.

    On the flipside, if you were to install a Compact 300 Radiator within a large hall, the output would not be sufficient. Size-for-space is the key element to bear in mind here. For more information regarding heat output, and to see which radiator would be the most efficient for you, check out our BTU Heat Loss Calculator, where you can weigh up which radiator is best for you and find your the perfect balance. If you are looking for a larger Designer Radiator, see our range of Vertical Radiators, Column Radiators, Towel Rail Radiators for your Kitchen or Bathroom as well as a whole array of other Radiator options. We are always happy to help here at Stelrad. For more information regarding the Compact 300 Radiator, any other Compact Radiators, and all radiator related info, please check out our FAQs Page.

    Alternatively, if you would like to speak with one of our team, feel free to contact us here, where one of our specialists will get back to you as quickly as possible.