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    Dream Bigger. Heightening Your Heating

    The Stelrad Compact Vertex Radiator range combines a high functioning appliance with exquisite style, allowing for a dynamic, expertly manufactured piece of equipment to bring warmth and elegance to your home. Available in 14 different sizes, either as a K2 or P2 model depending on your preference. With heights ranging from 1800mm – 2200mm and lengths of 300mm – 700mm, these Vertical Radiators will grace any wall they hang upon.

    Vertex, meaning the “highest point” is an adequate name for this range of radiator. The Vertex Compact Electric Radiator is the highest quality, highest in fashion and one of our highest standing Vertical Radiators, bringing a modern edge to your home. The Stelrad Compact Vertex Vertical Radiator gets straight to the point. The peak of heating engineering, available in our RAL 9016 Traffic White paint, using a simple colour scheme to mask the intricate interior functionality. The Stelrad Compact Vertex Radiator has expertly designed integrated top grilles, easily removable side panels, constructed specifically to eliminate any movement, so your Vertex Compact Electric Radiator keeps a tight ship all year round and you won’t have to worry about any loose parts. This certified tightness means that the entire body of your Stelrad Compact Vertex Radiator will stay as one, whether it’s when you’re fitting it to your wall, while it’s in storage, or when it’s on the way to your door.  You might be wondering what the right size Stelrad Compact Vertex Radiator is for you and your home. No matter the size of your room, we have an easy-to-use tool to accommodate. Check out our Radiator Size Search Calculator to see which Vertex Compact Electric Radiator is right for you.

    Vertex Compact Electric Radiators: Rise With The Heat

    The beauty of Stelrad Compact Vertex Vertical Radiators, and any of our compact radiators, is that they allow you to have a highly functioning radiator, while not taking up too much space. This is especially true with our Stelrad Compact Vertex Vertical Radiators, with the key word being vertical. Since they do not take up a large amount of space, width-wise, these are great for rooms where you need an excellent heating facility, but don’t have a wide enough wall. Riding up your wall, the Stelrad Compact Vertex Radiator heats your room as efficiently as any of our horizontal radiators, while having the ability to conserve space for other pieces of furniture and decoration you own. Whether it is for your hallway, bathroom, living room or bedroom, these radiators stand the test of time while standing tall. You can’t get much better than that.

    The installation process of a Stelrad Compact Vertex Vertical Radiator is a straightforward one, so you don’t need to worry. Although it’s a Vertical Radiator, fitting a Stelrad Compact Vertex Radiator isn’t a tall task. To watch the video of how to install the Compact Vertex click here, where you can view a basic tutorial of how it’s done.

    If Stelrad Compact Vertex Radiators aren’t for you, you can see a wide range of other radiator options, such as our Towel Rail Radiators, Column Radiators, Radiators from our Designer Series, and a whole assortment of other Radiator options.

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