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    Dream Bigger. Heightening Your Heating

    The Stelrad Compact Vertex Radiator range combines a high functioning appliance with exquisite style, allowing for a dynamic, expertly manufactured piece of equipment to bring warmth and elegance to your home. Available in 14 different sizes, either as a K2 or P2 model depending on your preference. With heights ranging from 1800mm – 2200mm and lengths of 300mm – 700mm, these Vertical Radiators will grace any wall they hang upon.

    Vertex, meaning the “highest point” is an adequate name for this range of radiator. The Vertex Compact Electric Radiator is the highest quality, highest in fashion and one of our highest standing Vertical Radiators, bringing a modern edge to your home. The Stelrad Compact Vertex Vertical Radiator gets straight to the