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    Don’t Feel Low: Feel Lo

    Compact With Style Lo Line Radiators From Stelrad are the low standing, high energy radiator option for your household. These shorter than average Designer Radiator should not be underestimated due to their stature. Their surprisingly high heat output will warm your room, fitting into the space that a taller model would not. The Compact With Style Lo Line Radiators From Stelrad merges practicality with outstanding performative value and once you get your hands on one of these, you’ll realise that these space conserving, high functioning design feats are the thing your house has been missing this entire time.

    Lo-and-behold, get in line for the Stelrad Compact With Style Lo Line Radiator. These are perfect for spaces in your room such as underneath windowsills, providing heat in the most important area of the room where the heat is most likely to escape. The benefit of this stylish addition to your home is that they won’t get in the way, are unintrusive and do the job they were designed to do at an optimal rate. Available in 4 different sizes, you are enabled with the freedom of choice when purchasing a Compact With Style Lo Line Radiators From Stelrad. All standing at a height of 200mm, the length of these radiators spans from 500mm – 2000mm, depending on your personal needs within your home.  With so many different options, the Compact With Style Lo Line Radiators From Stelrad can easily integrate into any room, without getting in the way.

    With a modern design, these architectural innovations are certain to bring style, to your living space with a conveniently sized body, painted in Stelrad’s signature RAL 9016 Traffic White, allowing them to blend in with any environment, yet brightening the room with their remarkably attractive presence. Although these radiators are physically on the down-low, they shout loudly enough for themselves. Available as a K2 or P+ model, you have the option of having a Stelrad Compact With Style Lo Line Radiator possessing 2 radiator panels, and either 1 or 2 sets of convection fins. The choice is yours.

    Stelrad Compact With Style Lo Line Radiators: Heat At Your Feet

    To find out what size Stelrad Compact With Style Lo Line Radiator is perfect for your house, use our easy to use Size Search Calculator here. For more assistance, see our Stelrad Compact With Style Lo Line Radiators Installation Guide, with all the technical information you will need to get your new radiator up-and-running. Also see out BTU Heat Loss Calculator to see which of these short but mighty radiators is most efficient for your personal needs.  If you’re a fan of taller radiators, also see our Vertical Radiator range, our Column Radiators, Towel Rail Radiators for your Kitchen or Bathroom as well as a whole array of other Radiators in a vast range of styles, sizes and colours.

    For more information on Stelrad Compact With Style Lo Line Radiators and all other radiator related topics, see our FAQs page where we hope your question will be answered. Alternatively, contact us here, where we will get back to you as quickly as we can. We are always happy to help.