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    The Elite Energy Saving Solution

    Elite K3 Radiators from Stelrad are the superior radiator choice when purchasing a new product to heat your home. Harmonising exquisite style, high quality performance and a low energy output, this model allows you to warm up your home, the guilt-free way. We don’t want to sound elitist… but the Stelrad Elite K3 Radiator range is simply the best.

    This fashionably modern heat emitter is the appliance your environment has been longing for. Available in a range of 19 different sizes and painted in our durable, drip-free RAL 9016 Traffic White paint, the Elite K3 Radiator is a must have for your home. The Stelrad Elite has received a significant upgrade with this K3 model.  The brains at Stelrad have put in significant time with this upgraded version of the UK’s most popular radiator. Quality, performance, and aesthetics have evolved in unison, which means that the Stelrad Elite K3 now offers improved outputs for exceptional heating performance.

    This model is a luxurious, modern addition to any room, adding an element of elegance to your environment. Available as a K3 model, the Elite K3 Radiator is built with 3 radiator panels and 3 convection fins. As the demand for renewable energy increases, we at Stelrad like to remain ahead of the game. Higher capacity radiators, such as the Stelrad Elite K3 Radiator, are some of the most energy efficient radiators with a smaller carbon footprint, meaning a powerful heat dispersing system, with less of an environmental impact. Enjoy guilt free warmth from Stelrad.

    As expected with a triple convector radiator, the convectors are precision welded directly onto the waterways for greater efficiency with flexible connection options available, allowing for the highest possible commercial and domestic application specifications. Stelrad Elite K3 Radiators are manufactured with the most sophisticated set of resources in Europe, made at home in the UK. The ISO 9000 quality system ensures that these products are unrivalled in their standard, tested in controlled independent laboratory settings as all Stelrad radiators are. The guarantee to perform to a maximum working pressure of 145 psi (10 bar), and conform to BS EN 442, the European Standard for radiators, is always met.

    Elite K3 Radiators: Superior Heating

    Elite K3 Radiators look good, align with your moral outlook, and will also help in securing you major savings. When it comes to the size of this model, heights range from 300mm – 700mm and lengths span from 400mm – 2400mm, which gives you a huge range of options when deciding upon the type of Elite K3 Radiator you would like to purchase.  Using our expertly designed Radiator Size Search Calculator, you can figure out what size Elite K3 Radiator is perfect for you and your environment. Installation of the Elite K3 Radiator is also extremely simple, and you’ll be heating your home, feeling on top of the world in no time at all. Read our Technical and Installation Guide for Elite K3 Radiators to find out how easy it really is to install, as well as checking out the installation video here, where the process is clearly depicted for your benefit.

    These models have some of the lowest power outputs out of all of our radiator ranges and are only a fraction larger than our K2 models, meaning that you can purchase a new environmentally friendly heating appliance, without compromising on space in your home. For help deciding which model of Elite K3 Radiator is most efficient for you, try our BTU Heat Loss Calculator which clearly explains to you which model is best, depending on the size of the room you wish to install it within.

    If you have any queries regarding the Stelrad Elite K3 Radiator range, any other radiator queries or want to know more, visit our FAQs page where we hope your question will be answered. Alternatively, speak with one of the team at Stelrad by contacting us here. We are always happy to help. If this product isn’t quite right for you, not to worry, we have a vast range of other products on offer. Browse our website and see all Radiator options available.