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    Possibilities Over The Horizon

    Horizontal designer radiators from Stelrad are the laid-back option in making your home the cosy abode that we know it deserves to be. Horizontal radiators are available in a multitude of different models and ranges, including those within our Designer Range, such as our Compact with Style Horizontal designer radiators, available in any colour you could wish for, or just plain white if you prefer the classic radiator look.

    To harness some horizontal heat, also see our Caliente Horizontal designer radiators, the perfect horizontal towel radiator for your kitchen or bathroom, giving the room a new stylish look with a modern radiator that really brings the heat. Horizontal towel radiators offer a classic look, with excellent heating capabilities. Allowing your towels to be kept warm for that snug-as-a-bug feeling when you get out the shower, taking away the hassle of hanging your towel over a door or the side of your bath. Saving you time, while simultaneously keeping the place warm.


    If flat panel horizontal radiators are more your thing, Planar horizontal designer radiators are the new addition you’ve been waiting for. Available as either a K1 or K2 model, these modern horizontal radiators bring new horizons to your living room, bedroom, or whatever room you please. Available in 35 – yes you heard us right – 35 different colour options, these UK made horizontal radiators are a stunning alternative for your heating needs. Flat panel horizontal radiators are simple and none imposing yet will catch the eye of your visitors without getting in the way. Flat panel horizontal designers are a smooth and sleek option, designed as a modern horizontal radiator with enough panache to make your friends say “wow”, but without making a scene.

    When you choose one of our modern horizontal radiators, we salute you for choosing to go the sideways way. Other designer horizontal radiators available are our horizontal Column Radiators. Buying one of our classic horizontal column radiators, either from our Softline, or Vita, or Designer Series, will enable your home with a modern horizontal radiator model, merged with the aesthetic of a classic design.

    Divine Designs: Horizontal Designer Radiators

    Horizontal Column Radiators are perfect for those of you who want a UK horizontal radiator that combines the old with new, crafted wonderfully by our specialist creative team, with a Victorian influenced model that is available in all the colour options you could desire. Modern column radiators are the way for you to impress your guests while you’re putting up your feet to relieve some stress. Whether it’s a vita horizontal column radiator, a flat panel horizontal radiator or any of our beautiful designer horizontal radiators, we’ll give you the capability of heating up your home all year long, with a huge modern horizontal radiator selection that leaves you spoiled for choice.

    That’s where we come in. If you’re struggling to decide which horizontal designer radiator is right for you, see out Radiator Size Calculator to see if your favourite modern horizontal radiator isn’t too massive, the horizontal towel radiator you’ve been tearing up over is sizably suited next to your sink and the flat panel horizontal radiator won’t leave you flat out when it arrives. Making sure it fits is once things, but the overall, long-term cost for you is also our priority. Check out our BTU Heat Loss calculator to decide if the modern horizontal radiator of your dreams is right, so you can have your new UK horizontal radiator up and running in no time at all. Also see our Vertical Radiators if you’d like to upgrade your house with more than one radiator and enable your home with the best of both worlds.

    Check out our FAQ page for more queries regarding UK made horizontal radiators, or contact us here to speak to one of our radiator specialists. We’re always happy to help, and we can already see the light, and heat, at the end of the horizon.