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    Stelrad Planar K3: Energy Efficient Options

    Stelrad Planar K3 Radiators are the low energy alternative for fashionable radiator consumers. Heat up in guilt-free style with an excellent emitter of heat that soars with sophistication but is low on energy output, adhering to your cost and environmental related requirements.

    Stelrad Planar K3 Radiators are perfect for the customer who enjoys ethical, efficiency orientated energy with the added benefit of style. Just like its sister model the Planar Horizontal, this new addition to the Planar team is just as stylish, but with added benefits. As with other Planar models, this beautifully adaptable radiator will arrive safely at your door fully assembled, meaning most of the work is done for you.

    Every Stelrad Planar K3 is fitted with a directional air vent, directing waterflow during venting, with convectors welded securely onto the waterways, to give even greater levels of efficiency than ever before. Perfectly aligned and manufactured with only the best quality nickel-plated plugs and vents, this model promises for smooth edges and corners due to high-definition pressings.

    When it comes to installation, this efficient appliance is extremely easy to get up and running. Say goodbye to DIY stress, we have you covered with some useful resources that will assist with the process. By reading the Technical and Installation Guide for the Stelrad Planar K3 Radiator, you will find all you need to get this expertly engineered machine started. If you benefit more from a visual representation, we have another option available. Watch this easy-to-follow video of how to install a Stelrad Planar K3 Radiator, and you’ll have your radiator installed and saving you energy in the long run, in no time at all.

    The Height Of Engineering

    Manufactured by the UK market leader, under ISO 9000 quality system, the Stelrad Planar K3 is unrivalled by any of its competitors. Strictly controlled independent laboratory testing ensures that all Stelrad Planar K3 radiators are certain to perform to a maximum working pressure of 145 psi (10 bar) and conform to BS EN 442 – the European Standard for radiators. Stelrad Planar K3 Radiators are available in the Stelrad staple, RAL 9016 Traffic White, allowing for a bright complexion that will easily integrate into any room, creating an ambience of minimalistic calm, whilst providing great levels of warmth.  K3 Radiators, also known as Type 33, is a type of radiator with 3 radiator panels and 3 sets of convection fins. This means that the emitter itself is much more efficient for you in the long, while maintaining excellent levels of heat.

    With 39 size options available, you certainly won’t have trouble choosing a Stelrad Planar K3 Radiator that fits right into your household. Heights range from 300mm – 700mm and lengths of 400 – 2400mm, which empowers you with the ability to choose whatever size fits appropriately into your environment. Shopping online can feel somewhat daunting, but don’t worry, we have a useful tool that will help with your purchase decision. The Radiator Size Search Calculator will measure things up and asses your situation, so you know exactly what you are buying when you order online.

    Perhaps the Stelrad Planar K3 isn’t quite what you were looking for. Stelrad offers the largest range of radiators in the UK, so browse our website and we assure you, you will find exactly what you are looking for to enhance your home.

    For more radiator related topics, visit our FAQs Page, and we hope your query will be answered sufficiently. If you would rather speak with one of our expert professionals, please feel free to contact us here, and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. We are always happy to help.