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    Stelrad Planar K3: Energy Efficient Options

    Stelrad Planar K3 Radiators are the low energy alternative for fashionable radiator consumers. Heat up in guilt-free style with an excellent emitter of heat that soars with sophistication but is low on energy output, adhering to your cost and environmental related requirements.

    Stelrad Planar K3 Radiators are perfect for the customer who enjoys ethical, efficiency orientated energy with the added benefit of style. Just like its sister model the Planar Horizontal, this new addition to the Planar team is just as stylish, but with added benefits. As with other Planar models, this beautifully adaptable radiator will arrive safely at your door fully assembled, meaning most of the work is done for you.

    Every Stelrad Planar K3 is fitted with a directional air vent, directing waterflow during venting, with convectors welded securely onto the waterways, to give even greater levels of efficiency than ever before. Perfectly aligned an