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    Softline Column Horizontal Radiators: Smooth Bodied Warmth

    Softline Column Horizontal Radiators from Stelrad are the horizontal, smooth edged radiator from our Softline Series that will boost the aesthetic of your room as well as providing exceptional levels of heat distribution throughout your home. Browse our extensive range of Softline Column Horizontal Radiators that we have to offer, and we guarantee you will find the model that suits you, enhancing your home décor and keeping you warm all year round.

    Softline Column Horizontal Radiators are available in 28 different size options, all producing exceedingly high levels of power output, with a smooth bodied finish to seamlessly meld with your current home décor. Sizes of this line of radiator range from heights of 300mm – 700mm, and lengths of 444mm – 1870mm, enabling you with the freedom of choice when purchasing your new fashionable radiator to accompany your furniture. Softline Column Horizontal Radiators come as either a 2 column, 3 column, or 4 column radiators, which differ slightly in size and power output. To put it simply, the number of columns indicated when you make your purchase is in reference to the number of columns the radiator itself possesses within each section, held firmly together through a central pipe at the top and bottom. The exposure between each section of a column helps to increase the size of the surface area that a radiator can heat. The column shaped hollow areas fill with fluid and heat up the column to allow for convection of heat throughout your room. The more columns a radiator has, the more powerful it will be, so a 4 column radiator will have a deeper frame and will also give off more heat than a similar sized radiator with only 2 columns. For help deciding which Softline Column Horizontal Radiator is the perfect size for your home requirements, we have an incredibly useful tool for assistance with this. Using our Radiator Size Search Calculator, you can easily figure out which size Softline Column Horizontal Radiator is best for your room. For further help installing the Softline Column Horizontal, also see our Technical and Installation Guide for this range, which clearly walks you through the process, so you can get it up and running in no time at all.

    Softline Heat Over The Horizon

    Outputs of this model range from 288 – 2972 Watts or 983 – 10143 Btu/hr, making them incredibly powerful emitters of heat for your home. We know that the smooth-edged style of the Softline Column Horizontal Radiator is one of its greatest benefits and will enhance your home interior, but energy efficiency is just as important in the long term. Check out our BTU Heat Loss Calculator to figure out the most beneficial option for you, in terms of efficiency. This elegantly designed model allows for a radiator with a classic look, with modern, top of the range engineering, making it a top level performer. Coated in Stelrad’s RAL 9016 Traffic White, the monotonal colour scheme makes it easily integrable into any home. High powered, modern innovations, combined with a traditional exterior, makes the Softline Column Horizontal Radiator one of the UK’s bestselling radiators.

    If the Softline Column Horizontal isn’t quite what you were looking for, you would prefer a range of radiator with more colour options, or are interested in a tall radiator to stand up to the challenge of heating your home, browse our entire range of radiators here. We assure you, you’ll find something that suits you.

    We at Stelrad are always happy to help.  See our FAQs page for further radiator related advice, or alternatively, contact us here and one of our radiator experts will get back to you as quickly as possible.