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    Stelrad Softline Compact Vertical: The Height Of Heat

    Stelrad Softline Compact Vertical Radiators are the tall in stature, high powered Softline Series radiator your room has been waiting for. Like all of our Stelrad Softline Vertical Radiators, this model excels in its performative capabilities, warming your room to optimal temperatures, all year round. Ordering one of these Stelrad Softline Vertical Radiators is no tall order, check out the options available and see for yourself.

    The embodiment of sheer class and sophistication, the Stelrad Softline Compact Vertical will brighten up your room, enhance your interior décor and, most importantly, keep you toasty when you most need it. Stelrad Softline Compact models come as K2 model radiator, with 2 radiator panels and 2 sets of convection fins, emitting excellent levels of heat. Stelrad Softline Radiators such as the Stelrad Softline Compact Vertical are some of the most highly sought after, stylish radiators you can purchase, acting as much more than a heating appliance, but also enhancing your home interior beyond your expectations. The power output options for this Stelrad Softline Vertical Radiator span from 1584 – 2376 Watts, or 5405 – 8107 Btu/hr, giving you the option of how powerful your new Stelrad Softline Compact Vertical Radiator will be. For help deciding which model is right for you, Stelrad offers a great tool, the BTU Heat Loss Calculator, allowing you to make an informed purchase decision when buying from Stelrad.

    As tall standing radiators go, Stelrad Softline Compact Vertical Radiators are some of the best in quality, best looking, and are incredibly easy to install. For help with the setup, see our Technical and Installation Guide for the Stelrad Softline Compact Radiator. As with all of our Stelrad Softline Vertical Radiators, you need not be daunted by the height of these monumental masterpieces, the easy-to-follow instructions will help you with the process so it can stand tall in your room in no time at all.

    Feel Sensational With Softline

    Available at the soaring height of 1800mm, and with length options of 400mm, 500mm and 600mm, you are empowered with the freedom of choice when adding one of these exceptionally attractive feats of technological innovation into your home. Deciding which one of our Stelrad Softline Compact sizes is right for you might feel somewhat difficult from afar and buying online may seem risky to some. This is certainly not the case with Stelrad. Your Stelrad Softline Compact Radiator purchase becomes streamlined when you use our very own Radiator Size Search Calculator, which sizes up your options based upon your interior dimensions and assesses the best bet for you.

    If the this model of Radiator isn’t quite your style, you are looking for a different shape, size, or colour of radiator, you need not worry. Check out our other Stelrad Softline Vertical Radiator options or browse our entire website to see all Radiators available to buy. We assure you; you won’t be disappointed at what we’ve got to offer.

    If you need further assistance, we are here to help. Feel free to contact one of experts here, who will answer any radiator queries you may have. Alternatively, see our FAQ advice hub, where we hope your issue will be resolved.