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    Fashionable Home Heating

    Softline Deco Vertical Concept Radiators are the new Softline Series radiator to add to our Deco collection. Similarly, to the Softline Deco Vertical, this tall radiator is an art piece to behold, drawing the eyes of any spectators entering your room. We didn’t think it was possible, but this evolution of the original brings an even higher elevation of style to the Softline range, expertly manufactured with creative passion oozing from its very being. Style and substance can’t intertwine to this extent, surely? Check out this product and see for yourself.

    Softline Deco Vertical Radiators from Stelrad are high quality, high in fashion and high in height, allowing for a high performing radiator that simply radiates. Make a statement with this dark coloured showstopper. Minimalism at its finest, this time in the highly popular Anthracite Grey. This colour brings a sultry yet welcoming feel to any room, and your guests will really see you know your stuff when they see this standing tall in your home. Top of the range heating capabilities intertwine in synchronisation with fool proof fashion, enabling this sophisticated appliance to heat your room to optimal temperatures, while becoming the centre of attention within its environment.

    The heat output of the Softline Deco Vertical Concept is also unparalleled, with options ranging from 1476 – 2214 Watts and 5035 – 7554 Btu/hr. Sold as a K2 model, this high-fashion appliance possesses 2 sets of convection fins and 2 radiator panels. For assistance deciding which Softline Deco Vertical Concept is most efficient for you, use our BTU Heat Loss Calculator, which will let you know which model is most beneficial for your circumstance in the long term. The Softline Deco Vertical Radiator is built to last, even as it begins to age. We offer a 5 year Manufacturer’s Warranty, meaning that this product will do you justice for years to come, making a long-term statement within your home.

    Softline Deco Vertical Concept: The Options Are Yours

    Just like its lighter coloured counterpart, the Softline Deco Vertical Concept is available in only 3 different size options, with heights of 1800mm and length options of 400mm, 500mm. Stelrad has produced an incredibly useful tool to help you size up your options. Use our Radiator Size Search Calculator, and figure out if this triumphantly tall heating appliance will do you justice. For help with setting up your new Softline Deco Vertical Concept  also see our Technical and Installation Guide, which includes easy-to-follow installation instructions, as well as all the specifications for the inner workings of this model.

    Perhaps this model isn’t quite right for you. Vertical radiators such as the Softline Deco Vertical Concept might be too tall for your requirements, so if you would prefer a different kind of radiator coming into your life, check out our entire Radiator Range throughout our website. We assure you, you won’t be disappointed.

    If you need further assistance, have any queries regarding the Softline Deco Vertical Radiator, or any questions about out products in general, see our FAQ advice hub, and we hope your question will be answered. If you would rather speak to someone, feel free to contact us here, and one of our specialists will get back to you in no time at all. We are always here to help.