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    Vertical Plan Solutions

    Instantly enhance your home décor with a Stelrad Vita Plan Vertical Radiator. This exclusive range of high-powered heating appliance is perfect for the modern homeowner with a strong sense of style. With a classic coating, the water resistant, drip-free Traffic White paint on this model is not only exceptionally practical, but also stands out in any room you choose to install it within. Like all Vita Series Radiators, the highly attractive Vita Plan Vertical is unrivalled in its power outputs, and can warm your room to just how you like it, while enhancing the style of your home.

    Vertical Radiators, such as the Stelrad Vita Vertical, are a welcome addition to any modern home.  Available in just 3 size options, this exclusive model can fit right into your room. All available at the tower height of 1800mm, with length options of 400mm, 500mm, and 600mm, you can decide whether you want a wider or slimmer model of Stelrad Vita Plan Vertical to ride up the wall of your Living Room, Bedroom, or any room In between. Shopping for new features, both decorative and functional, can be difficult when browsing online. You want your home to look as good as it possibly could, so who would want a radiator turning up to their door when it simply wouldn’t fit? We have the solution at Stelrad. Using our Radiator Size Search Calculator, you can measure up your options by entering the required height and length, and find the perfect model for you, be it a Stelrad Vita Plan Vertical, or another of our fantastic products. Additionally, see our Technical and Installation guide for the Stelrad Vita Plan Vertical, along with this easy to follow installation video, so you can get this new beautiful appliance heating your home as soon as possible.

    The High Life Heater

    As a K2 type radiator, with 2 sets of radiator panels and 2 sets of convection fins, the Stelrad Vita Plan Vertical has an excellent heat output, but is also extremely efficient compared to some radiator models. Outputs range from 1476 – 2214 Watts, or 5036 – 7554 Btu/hr, meaning you can decide how powerful you want your attractive new home heating appliance to be, depending on your individual circumstances. We have another extremely useful tool you can use to weigh up the options in terms of efficiency. The BTU Heat Loss Calculator allows you to enter details in regard to your home type and size, which easily lets you figure out, and ultimately decide, if the Stelrad Vita Plan Vertical is right for you.

    If Stelrad Vita Plan Vertical Radiators aren’t for you, you can see a wide range of other radiator options, such as our Towel Rail Radiators, Column Radiators, Radiators from our Designer Series, and a whole assortment of other Radiator options.

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