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    Luxury White Towel Ladder Radiators

    If you are aiming for a classic monochromatic look with your bathroom design, you will love our collection of white bathroom radiators. Featuring a clean, white appearance, these radiators offer a unique effect but emulate a nostalgic style for a touch of contemporary beauty. For many people, chrome is the first choice, but with a white towel ladder radiator, you can create stunning visuals in your home and bring back a traditional look to the bathroom. Whether you’re looking for a towel rail radiator, a slimline radiator, or a white flat panel towel radiator, we are sure to have a style to suit your tastes, so browse our full collection of white bathroom radiators below.

    The UK is a major pioneer in new radiator designs, so you can be sure to find a selection of beautiful and unique radiators at Stelrad. Whether you browse our Boutique Series, Softline Series, Designer Series or the Vita Series, there will be something that is ideal for your bathroom, no matter if you want a classic style or a touch of contemporary. For example, if you want something small and discreet for an en-suite, you might love our STR2, which is available in a range of sizes. Alternatively, if you need something taller or larger for a family bathroom with multiple towels, you might enjoy the Caliente Rail White.

    With all of our white towel ladder radiators, we can ensure an even, consistent colour and a brilliant shine, bringing a sense of light, as well as heat, to the space. Thanks to their minimal colour, these radiators can be integrated beautifully into any bathroom or colour scheme, offering a clean look and a classic touch.

    White Bathroom Radiators In Various Sizes

    No two bathrooms are the same. Each features a different suite style, colour scheme, flooring, size, and wall space, so we offer our white bathroom radiators in a variety of sizes. This means that no matter how large or small your space is, we are sure to have a solution that works for you. From vertical radiators that elegantly climb the walls of your bathroom, to Slimline Towel Rails that are designed for more narrow spaces, we have all bases covered to help you find the radiator of your dreams.

    If you need further help with finding the best size radiator for your bathroom, you can use our Radiator Size Search. This simple calculator takes the measurements of your space and matches you up with the ideal white radiators for your needs.

    White Bathroom Radiator FAQs

    Is White The Best Colour For A Radiator?

    This is completely down to personal preference and aesthetics. There is no real difference between white bathroom radiators and any other colour such as silver or anthracite. However, if you would like to narrow down your search and find a model that best suits you, use our heat loss calculator to find the most efficient.

    Is a White Towel Ladder a Radiator?

    Yes, a towel ladder is a radiator. Any heating unit connected to central heating will work the same as a radiator, but a towel ladder will also provide you with a way to dry or warm your towels. This means that you can enjoy a delightfully warm, soft hug of a towel when you step out of the tub and enjoy the functionality of a typical radiator at the same time.

    How Do I Fit My White Flat Panel Heated Towel Rail?

    The good news is fitting your new white bathroom radiator is simple, and it doesn’t need to be a daunting task. How to fit your white bathroom radiator depends on the style and type you choose, but the process is not too dissimilar in any scenario. You will need to have drained your central heating system first and turned off your heating to then get started:

    1. Mark the centre line of your white radiator to indicate where it will sit on the wall
    2. Mark the bottom line of your radiator to indicate how high you would like the bottom of the radiator to be from the floor
    3. Check the distance between the bracket and the back of your new white radiator
    4. Mark the measurement on the wall
    5. Make your final measurement – this should be the distance between the top bracket and the bottom bracket
    6. Secure your radiator to the wall with a drill
    7. Turn on your central heating and enjoy the warmth in your bathroom

    If you have more questions about our white bathroom radiators or more radiator queries in general, check out our advice hub for more FAQs. Alternatively, contact us to speak with one of our experts.