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Boutique Radiators from Stelrad aren’t your basic radiators. Innovative designs with authentic elegance – our new Boutique Radiator range will become your fashion favourite this year.

What is your home? Is it simply a place you reside within? A box with four walls?

We at Stelrad believe your home is your palace, your opportunity to shine, show off your best self and epitomise the creative side of you that we know you would love to share with your guests. With modern styles in a variety of shapes and sizes, from Compact to Column, short to tall and Chrome to Colourful, Boutique Radiators from Stelrad are the revolutionary radiator option that will help your home resonate with radiance.

Options like anthracite grey, matte black, along with a whole spectrum of other colourful possibilities, will help you say goodbye to the bland and basic and hello to modern magnificence. For the full range, click here to download the Boutique Series brochure.

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Vertical Valour: Brave New Heights.

Vertical Radiators from the Boutique Radiator range at Stelrad are, simply put, the peak of stylistic greatness. Synchronising sleek style with artistic innovation, tall wall radiators within this range are not only functional masterpieces, but a glorious statement of who you are, what your aesthetic ethos represents and are as important a piece of décor as any piece of your furniture.  Our side concept and Lecco range Towel Rail Radiators will act as a tasteful addition, adding boldness to your Bathroom or class to your Kitchen, infusing asymmetrical modern style with a classic household essential. Models such as our Vertical Ultra will bring a high-tech air of sophistication to your room with a minimalist richness that will leave your guests in awe. See our entire range of vertical radiators to see which series best suits you, using our Radiator Size Calculator to assist in the placement process.

It’s The Little Things…

At Stelrad, we realise that space, or lack of it, is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a new radiator. Our Boutique Series includes a variety of space efficient models that will fit into the smaller areas of your room, while enhancing the overall aesthetic.  Stylish yet snug, models such as our Como and Plan radiators will fit into the nooks and crannies of your room, generating warmth, and attracting the eyes of any onlookers. The bigger the better? We don’t think so. Browse our full range of smaller Boutique Radiators to see which practical yet stylish option is right for you.


Como Stainless Steel radiator

Stelrad: Made To Last

As the industry leading pioneer in manufacturing modern, fashionable UK radiators, we at Stelrad pride ourselves in creating the best designs, equal in performance, with the widest range of radiators styles, sizes, shapes and colours in the UK and Ireland.

With over 2000 merchant outlets and nationwide distribution, Stelrad has offered the most elite radiators since 1936. Still going strong, we intend to keep supplying the best radiators the UK has to offer. Our customers are the most important factor when it comes to our product, so if you have any further questions, please contact us here and one of our radiator experts will get back to you as promptly as possible.

Alternatively, see our radiator FAQs to see all other radiator related questions. We are always happy to help.

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