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    Vita Concord Vertical Concept Radiators: Hot Design

    For exceptional contemporary home design, choose the Vita Concord Vertical Concept Radiator. Its slim flat tubes and rich anthracite grey finish make it a modern vertical radiator with undeniable wow-factor.

    This designer radiator has a heat output ranging from 2907 to 7131 BTU/hr – depending on the size you purchase. With each of the 3 sizes available as a single or double radiator, you can tailor the Vita Concord Vertical Concept to create the best heat source required for your home.

    Over the past decade, the vertical radiator has levelled up modern interiors. With radiators now taking their place as design features, and home owners looking to maximise space, the Vita Concord Vertical Concept Radiator is a designer radiator which ticks all the boxes.

    Forget struggling with furniture blocking the heat from your radiator. With their vertical design, these slimline radiators let you save wall space and create more flexibility for your room layout. The Vita Concord Vertical Concept is a space-saving radiator worthy of being a key feature in your contemporary design.

    Available in a choice of 3 sizes, you can choose the best Vita Concord Vertical Concept Radiator for your space.

    Anthracite Grey Radiators for On Trend Colour

    Whether you have a minimalist, monochrome interior, or an opulent grandmillennial, period-inspired home, an anthracite radiator is the go-to choice. This makes the Vita Concord Vertical Concept ideal for both modern and traditional homes.

    Prefer a sparkling white radiator but love the sleek design of the Vertical Concept? We’ve got you covered. With the same premium design, view our Vita Concord Vertical Radiator in fresh white.

    Vita Concord Vertical Concept: Top Performance

    The remarkable design of this vertical radiator is matched by its high-performance heat engineering. With the choice of a single side of tubes or double, the Vita Concord Vertical Concept has a BTU/hr output range of 2907 to 7131. The more tubes or the greater the size, the more BTU/hr provided.

    To determine the radiator with the best BTU output for you, use our BTU Heat Loss Calculator. This calculator will process your room’s size, construction, and glazing, to calculate your room’s BTU requirement. Once you have this number, you can find the best radiator to provide this output.

    When you are selecting the size of your radiator, you can also use our Radiator Size Calculator. Input the dimensions of your available wall space and the calculator will recommend suitable radiators.

    The Vita Concord Vertical Concept Radiator is a wall mounted radiator and is provided with suitable wall brackets for installation. As expected from Stelrad, the radiator also comes with a 5-year warranty to support its superior build and performance.

    Buying Your Vita Concord Vertical Concept Online

    At Stelrad, we have been manufacturing radiators since 1936, so we know a thing or two about superior heat engineering, cutting-edge radiator design, and superb customer service. With the UK’s widest range of radiators, we also know about providing the best online shopping experience. Online purchases, particularly of something as important as your radiator, can be daunting. However, we hope that our industry expertise and experience will give you the confidence to buy your new Vita Concord Vertical Concept from us.

    Our dedicated team is here to support you during and after your purchase. If you have any questions, visit our Advice Hub, or use our on-page Live Chat feature. We are here to help.