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    Stelrad Compact Softline K3: Compact Energy Solutions

    Stelrad Softline Compact K3 Radiators bring a new addition to the low energy range of Stelrad Radiators, with this new variation. The great benefit of owning a Stelrad Softline Compact K3 is that you can possess a stylish, top of the range radiator that not only exceeds all others in performative value, but also looks exceptionally good in your home, while working harmoniously with low energy heating systems.

    Stelrad Softline Compact K3 radiators are, as their name suggests, a K3 type radiator. Also known as a “Type 33”, Stelrad Compact Softline K3 models possess 3 radiator panels and 3 sets of convection fins. With 10 different size options available, we are certain you will find the low energy heating solution for your home within this range. The height of all Stelrad Softline Compact K3 Radiators is 600mm tall, while widths range from 400mm – 1400mm, meaning you can decide which Stelrad Compact Softline K3 is most suitable for you, depending on the space within your environment. For help determining what size of Stelrad Compact Softline K3 is most suitable for your home, see our Radiator Size Search Calculator which will help you measure up your options when purchasing your new energy efficient heating appliance. The Stelrad Compact Softline K3 Radiator is only a fraction larger than any of our K2 type products, making it a suitable choice for low energy systems, while providing the highest possible heat output. For assistance installing your new Stelrad Compact Softline K3 see our Technical and Installation Guide for support in getting your radiator up and running in no time at all. Painted in our classic RAL 9016 Traffic White drip-free, water resistant paint, this energy efficient heater is certain to brighten up your room and warm up your home, all while maintaining its attractive exterior finish.

    Lowest Energy, Highest Performance

    The benefit of a Stelrad Compact Softline K3, or any K3 type radiator for that matter, is that it provides the highest possible heat output, while simultaneously leaving a much smaller carbon footprint than other radiators. This makes it an ideal model for those of you who are environmentally and economically conscience when making your radiator purchase. For help deciding which radiator is best for you in this respect, please check out our useful BTU Heat Loss Calculator, to figure out which model is most efficient for you and your personal needs.

    Every Stelrad Compact Softline K3 Radiator is constructed under ISO 9000 quality systems in the UK, as well as having undergone tightly measured independent laboratory testing. We do this to ensure every Stelrad Softline Compact K3 is guaranteed to perform to a maximum working pressure of 116 psi (8 bar), conforming to BS EN 442, the European Standard for radiators. We know our models are made to last, and that’s a promise. That’s why the Stelrad Softline Compact K3 comes complete with a whopping 15 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty. Stelrad products are dependable, long-lasting, and hardwearing, lasting you for years to come.

    If this product isn’t quite what you’re looking for, not to worry, we’ve got you covered. Browse our entire range of Radiators throughout our website to find the perfect addition to your home. We assure you; you won’t be disappointed.

    If you have any queries regarding the Stelrad Compact Softline K3 Radiator range, have any other radiator queries, or want to know more, visit our FAQs page where we hope your question will be answered. Alternatively, speak to one of the team at Stelrad by contacting us here. We are always happy to help.