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    Stelrad Compact Softline K3: Compact Energy Solutions

    Stelrad Softline Compact K3 Radiators bring a new addition to the low energy range of Stelrad Radiators, with this new variation. The great benefit of owning a Stelrad Softline Compact K3 is that you can possess a stylish, top of the range radiator that not only exceeds all others in performative value, but also looks exceptionally good in your home, while working harmoniously with low energy heating systems.

    Stelrad Softline Compact K3 radiators are, as their name suggests, a K3 type radiator. Also known as a “Type 33”, Stelrad Compact Softline K3 models possess 3 radiator panels and 3 sets of convection fins. With 10 different size options available, we are certain you will find the low energy heating solution for your home within this range. The height of all Stelrad Softline Compact K3 Radiators is 600mm tall, while widths range from 400mm