How to Choose the Right Size Radiator

The first step you will need to take when looking for new radiators is finding the correct size. There is nothing worse than ordering a radiator online and it doesn’t fit correctly. Make measuring your space or any existing radiators you have in your home a priority. Once you know the size you are looking for, you can use our Stelrad size search on our homepage, this will bring up all the appropriate radiator sizes for you. Bear in mind, the bigger the better is not always logical when picking out a radiator, as some of the smaller radiator sizes are just as powerful as larger ones. So, what size radiator do you need? Here’s our guide to help.

What to Consider When Choosing Radiatodoubler Sizes: Heat Output

When you are choosing radiator size, you should consider how much heat a certain room will need to warm up in the colder winter months. You can calculate the heating requirements for any given room by using our STAR system, this is the best way to work it out. The Stelrad STAR (Stelrad Technical Advanced Radiator System) heat loss calculator is a simple way to ensure you get the right size radiators for the rooms in your home. By using this method, the fabric heat loss and ventilation heat loss are calculated to establish the output and the size required. At Stelrad, we measure heat output in Btu/hr (British Thermal Unit per hour). This is the standard measurement used for the output of any heating device. Heat output can also be measured in watts and 1 watt is equal to 3.412 Bt/hr. At Stelrad, we have a basic and advanced heat loss calculator which you can use when searching for radiator size for rooms.

The bigger radiators often emit lots of heat, but it will depend on one factor, which is how many panels and fins they have inside. You can find single and double panel radiator options at Stelrad. You can consider both types of radiators and many buy a combination of different sizes for specific rooms around your home, it’s best to go for double radiators to heat larger rooms and single radiators for smaller room sizes. The difference between double and single radiators is the number of fins and panels they contain, resulting in a different amount of heat being emitted. Our double radiators are P+ radiators (type 21) and K2 radiators (type 22), the single are K1 radiators. You will also notice type 22 and type 21 radiators, the difference between these are the fins and panels; type 22 has two fins, and two panels, whilst type 21 has two panels but only one fin. If you are choosing radiator size for rooms in your home, go for type 22 for larger rooms as these radiators emit more heat.

What to Consider When Choosing Radiator Sizes: Orientation

When you are deciding on the best radiator size for a certain room in your home, make sure you consider where you want to save space. For example, if you go for vertical radiators, it will sit on the wall and you will save floor space. If you have young children, a vertical radiator might be more suitable, however, remember they could climb up it. Some of our vertical radiator options at Stelrad are front flat panels, so safer if you have children. When searching for a vertical radiator, you will need to consider material and style, along with size. It’s no good finding a vertical radiator in a suitable size but it doesn’t match your home decor and style. Some of our chrome radiators in vertical orientations are ideal for bathrooms, along with heated towel rail radiators that will specifically heat flannels, towels and clothes. If you are set on vertical radiators, our designer radiators include stylish models, particularly vertical column radiators that provide an old-fashioned 1970s style. If you are having trouble choosing radiator size for a particular room, you can search by room on our website for some ideas and inspiration.

If you would prefer a standard horizontal radiator, rather than vertical orientation, we have radiator models that are ideal to fit under windows and tuck behind sofas. You can find our horizontal column radiators or flat panel radiators for a more modern vibe. We have a huge selection of radiator sizes in a horizontal orientation, so you won’t be stuck for choice. You can find all kinds of styles, colours, and materials for your horizontal radiator at Stelrad.

How to Choose a Radiator Size & Style

You will need to consider style when you are choosing radiator size, we have such a large range of sizes at Stelrad and many different models of radiators. Depending on the layout of your home and the style you are going for with your current furniture and decor, we have modern radiators and more retro radiators too. Whether it’s modern elegant radiators or retro old-fashioned radiators you want to go for, we are certain we have a size ideal for your home. We hope this helps answer your query on how to choose a radiator size.

Helpful Tips for Choosing Radiator Sizes: Get It Right First Time Round

It’s important to get your radiator size right the first time around, radiators are heavy and if you get everything set up and installed, then realise it isn’t emitting enough heat, you will be disappointed. Make sure you use our STAR calculator to work out how much heat your room will need and a tape measure to get an accurate measurement of the space you have available. It will be easier if you are replacing an old radiator, down to style or material and you just need to replace the exact size. You will need to spend some more time getting the radiator size right if you need a completely new model.

What Size Radiator Do I Need?

We are known for our collection of radiators sizes at Stelrad, and we pride ourselves on stocking radiator sizes suitable for any room and any home. A standard radiator size starts at 700mm x 1400mm and goes up to 600mm x 2400mm. Our standard steel radiators will range from the smallest being 700mm x 1800mm, to the largest of 700mm x 2000mm. If you go for a vertical radiator, the largest size included in the standard range is 1800mm x 600mm.

What size radiator do you need for each room of your home? You have limitless options here at Stelrad! Good luck with your search for the right size radiators for every room of your home.