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    Home Series Vertical Line Vertical Concept From: £572.67 Incl VAT The Stelrad Home Series Vertical Line Vertical Concept, features a fashionable vertical lined front face in the popular Anthracite Grey.
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    Home Series Vertical Ultra From: £784.34 Incl VAT The Stelrad Home Series Vertical Ultra radiator is as unique as you are with the option of one or two towel rails and can be tailored to suit any bathroom or kitchen. Available in over 30 made to order colour options, it can be tailored to work in any space.
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Designer radiators are a perfect addition to your home. Modern radiators in the UK are no new concept, but why should you take the leap and choose to transition to a new, decorative radiator? Traditional yet nice radiators of the past are often simple, bland, boring, and forgotten about, tucked away into the corner of your room. We’d like to change that with our range of designer and funky radiators available in many colours and styles. See what we have to offer from our luxury radiators range and buy online today.

Since the conception of modern or contemporary radiators in the UK, the country has been a major pioneer in new designs of unique radiators. Decorative radiators have become talking points in the rooms of many, with modern, beautiful radiators in the UK becoming a regular feature. Even so, some people are yet to make the transition, preferring to choose simple but nice radiators over funky radiators that could become the centrepiece of a room.

We at Stelrad believe the time for change is now!

Providing the most elite in quality, fashionable, modern radiators in the UK, we proudly present our range of designer radiators. With our designer, luxury radiators, customer satisfaction comes first, and our fashion radiators are the hottest on the market. No matter what you’re looking for, whether horizontal or vertical, we will have something for you amongst our beautiful designer radiators in the UK range.


When it comes to designer funky radiators, the potential is limitless, but we understand not everyone will want a bright coloured radiator. Whether you are looking for vertical designer radiators that scale the wall of your room and steal the show or our exquisitely styled horizontal radiators, the choice is yours to be as loud and colourful as you want. With so many different types of contemporary radiators in the UK available, whether it is a towel rail radiator for your brand-new bathroom, or a column radiator with impressive authenticity, we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with what we have to offer, even if you just want nice radiators in neutral colours.

Whatever the room, wherever the space may be, our designer funky radiators will direct your vision into reality. You can use our radiator size search tool to see if our vertical designer radiators will fit in that empty but potential-filled corner of your room, or to figure out whether our horizontal designer radiator could become your horizontal designer radiator. For those of you limited on space, try our slimline radiators. We promise, whatever you decide to choose will add that touch of quality to your room and elevate normal nice radiators into designer funky radiators in no time.

If you require assistance with choosing funky radiators or cannot find the size you’re looking for, please get in touch and we’ll help you find a solution for any room.

If you didn’t find what you were looking for, Stelrad Radiator Group also offer high-end radiators from Hudevad

Designer Radiators UK - FAQs

Are Designer Radiators Any Good?

The short answer to “are designer radiators any good?” – Yes!

Designer luxury radiators are of the highest quality, the most exceptional in design and simply radiate with beauty. Some people are accustomed to their traditional, nice radiators as it’s all they’ve ever known – and we totally get that! We believe that designer fashion radiators are excellent in their performance value, as well as looking so much better than traditional models.

When choosing decorative radiators, funky radiators, or any contemporary radiators in the UK, you should really appreciate it as a piece of furniture, rather than simply an item of function and practicality. Unique radiators shouldn’t be boring after all. The question of whether designer radiators are good will come down to personal preference. By choosing Stelrad designer radiators, you can be assured of quality and heat performance no matter the design, colour, or style.

Do Designer Funky Radiators Give Good Heat?

Designer radiators do give good heat, although there are a few factors worth considering when choosing your beautiful radiators in the UK. For example, vertical designer radiators won’t give out the same heat as horizontal designer radiators, due to their physical attributes. Vertical and horizontal designer radiators do not have the same length to draw cold air up for convection.

Another factor worthy of consideration is the colour of your chosen designer radiator. The beauty of choosing from decorative, luxury radiators is that freedom of choice is gifted to you for any colour or shape. Although this is so, there is an interactive relationship between colour and heat dispersion worth considering. Usually, chrome or black radiators do not emit heat as well as a white radiator, for instance. To counteract this, you can always choose a horizontal designer radiator, or even purchase multiple tall and slim vertical designer radiators. Use our heat loss calculator to find out which designer radiator is best suited to your needs.

Are Designer Radiators Efficient?

Our designer radiators here in the UK are extremely efficient! Perhaps more so than you might think. Our UK designer radiators are made of highly conductive steel compounds. This not only delivers efficient heating to your home but can even drive down your energy bills. Stelrad’s designer fashion radiators direct heat through their superconductive bodies, heating up in an instant, enabling them to use less water than other styles of radiator.

How to Fit Designer Radiators?

You don’t need to be a plumber to figure out how to fit a designer radiator, and it doesn’t have to be a daunting task. How to fit your designer radiator depends on whether you have bought a vertical designer radiator or a horizontal designer radiator, but the process is not too dissimilar either way.

Once you have drained your central heating system and turned your heating off (for obvious reasons) you will be good to go. Follow these steps on how to fit your designer radiator in the UK:

  1. Mark the centre line of your designer radiator to indicate the centre point of where it will sit on the wall.
  2. Mark the bottom line of your designer radiator to indicate how high you would like the bottom of the radiator to be from the floor.
  3. Check the distance between the bracket and the back of your designer radiator.
  4. Mark the measurement on the wall.
  5. Make your final measurement – the distance between the top bracket and the bottom bracket.
  6. Drill your designer radiator to the wall.
  7. Turn on the central heating and enjoy!

Use our radiator size search tool to help decide which radiator is best for you.